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What can we do to get a little mojo back. Ugh. UGH

I heard Shoelimpy™ was voting Trump


Cashewy Nutlog

Pandora the radio played a song that was sort of up the ol’ alley. Nothing earth-shatteringly amazing, but you know, pleasant to listen to.

Then I go read the Nick Sylvester P-fork review from 2005 and I feel so embarrassed for him. Like someone just discovered the power of the internet to just poop on the world. Just incredibly mean-spirited, trying so hard, arbitrary, and sad.

UPDATE- I forgot how to link to the trying too hard. END UPDATE

Unrelated, Pandora also served up this sweet gem that I so needed. Nick Sly can eat some BAD TRISCUITS

Oh my glob

I need to leave this here so I can come back to it. If 3B were to hire an assistant this would be it. This is like Sunset Boulevard/Waiting for Guffman of Craigslist ads!!!!!!!


I am still really in shock. I want to STEAL this advertisement and PRODUCE it as a show on BROADWAY. I want to perform this as a one person cabaret show. I want to take this ad to THE INTERNET. And put it on YOUTUBE. I will make amazing artistic choices and I will bathe myself in your adulation!

I guess this thing is on

I have been sort of disappointed with the internet for sometime, but nothing surprising. It is the idea that Twitter isolates and amplifies id, and does so in ways that are anti-ploverian, which is the ideal we have here at the mothership. I have been struggling with an idea about how someone can be simultaneously correct or have an important point, yet personal motivations or interests render those correct points as points being scored in some competition or “red meat” for a watching crowd. This is akin to the criticism that some discussions can have a disingenuous side in that part of the discussion is “performance” by one or other side. And, in a toilet bowl spiral, an allegation of “performance” will inevitably be used to rhetorically undermine the performer, and act as a side step for the issue at hand. Anyhow, I didn’t really know how to write whatever I was going to write without it being assumed I was taking some side in some internecine argument. I just read something that essentially captures everything I was going to say. It is worth a read. I don’t think what are described as “Social Justice Discourse Fallacies” are actually fallacies or linked to ideas of Social Justice, I think they are rhetorical landmines that relate to how people argue and the normal human desire to establish rhetorical advantage, be accepted by a group, and feel important as member of a team, and thus are universal.

Sometimes it is time

Little guy had been in a slow, slow, slow decline, but he started to waste and we felt it was time. We didn’t want to see him go over the cliff. He spent a lot of time sleeping in the last year, and I had started to take some pics of him in his little doggie dreams. Even before he was showing his years, he liked to sleep with his head at some odd angles, but this seemed to increase. We’d see him and I’d go “Little guy, you missed your bed!” It is a little sad that the last year of this terrible blog has been losing Smokedog (1 year ago tomorrow), a few half-hearted Pitchfork posts, and the current hole in my heart, losing P-dog (three weeks ago tomorrow). I miss our “boys” and I miss our community. I feel like they were our mascots. I hope we all make it through our holidays and remember to share our jokes, happy events, and our proud moments along with our sad and difficult ones.

BEGIN UPDATE I had to add GC’s favorite pic of the little guy- taken at Half Moon Bay in CA.














When we were at the vet, they were so kind. There were some very nice, well-meant things said- especially thinking about P-man running free, and having all his legs back. That is not something I believe, but the thoughts were sweet and kind. I was reminded of this scene from the underrated and wonderful Babe: Pig in the City. I don’t want to spoil the film for anyone (it is quite dark for a children’s film), but it captures what we would like to imagine.

Unreleased Battleraps

I just need some beats.

Pitchforke Cobaggery Watch 2014 Top 30

It is sad to realize that my anticipation when listening to terrible tracks of how pained UC would be when he eventually would listen and be forced to describe is pain in hilarious words, and thinking about what he would say when reading terrible, terrible prose regaling in these same tracks, was really what made Pitchfork Cobaggery Watch enjoyable. Anyhow, I just breezed through the top 30 this year for THROWBACK THURSDAY.

30. A. G. Cook “Beautiful”
Pinko Punko says: Chipmunk Speak N’ Spell Stacey Q. Andrew Ryce almost begs for forgiveness having to polish this sort of turd. It’s an OK gimmick sort of for a dance track, but I sort of wonder why it is worthy of any comment at all.

29. Spoon “Do You”
Pinko Punko says: Spoon have been so good for so long, a new ultra polished and evolved perfectly constructed record from them doesn’t seem to demand the attention it deserves. The new one is better than the last one and I can’t wedge my schedule to listen to it much, but it is typically excellent. I like “New York Kiss” for a Spoon track with non-Spoon sounds.

28. Grouper “Holding”
Pinko Punko says: Super beautiful hushed vocals over spare, repetitive piano. It is a different universe from the usual list filler. I’m sort of surprised that this sort of song would be considered- where is the shiny gimmick so attractive to the internet?

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Pitchforke Cobaggery Watch 2012!!!!!! Incomplete Appetizer

As I consider whether it is possible to consider this year’s Pitchfork Top 100 Tracks list, I found this detritus in the draft pile. 2012!!!! Where did the time go? I can only remember two of these 30 songs.

100. Swearin’ “Just”
Pinko Punko says: Everything old is new, but in an OK way. Bettie Serveert+Velocity Girl maybe, with something else 90s that I can’t place when it goes to the guy verse. I feel the hopefulness of a new list in bloom. I feel young I feel free, let’s go down to the Newbury Comics and buy CDs!

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