Three B! is One! PORK SNORKEL

For our birthday we arranged a pork snorkel. We are this close to swearing off meat, as advertising equating manliness with meat is getting quite annoying. Note the from scratch™ cornbread and the inclusive watermelon for Gregor Samsa.


We love our BBQ platter. Also this is as close as we’ll get to Twisty-level food photography (just click any of those posts for yummy food on delightful plates).


10 Responses to “Three B! is One! PORK SNORKEL”

  • There is …. there…there… there is a GOD!!!111 Gregor, why didn’t you tell me such wonders exist?

  • It’s a porkucopia.

    With swim fins.

    And a lens cap.

  • plover investigations, llc

    After determining that my client’s Magic Donut was indeed in the hands of the 3 Bulls mob, I decided my best bet was to retrieve it while they were engaged in their ritual pork snorkeling. I made through the outer security, but suddenly there was a loud squeaky noise. By the time I looked down to see that I had just stepped on a plush carrot, they were on me like PupH on a flambéd flank steak. The Bull they called “Captain” stood there cracking his brass knuckles, and the little pink Bull, apparently the boss said, “This here’s our turf. So you just can it, cuz on our turf you ain’t nothin but lowlife spam.” I quickly tried commenting under an alias in a desperate attempt to assert some street cred.

    After all, it worked so well last time.

  • It’s a porkucopia.

    With swim fins.

    And a lens cap.

  • plover investigations, llc

    But this time they laughed at my pathetic efforts and, my comments were left hanging on hooks in the Bulls’ meat locker. As for myself, while I was dumped unceremoniously back onto the street. As I was picking myself up, the one they call “Asshat” opened a window, dropped his pants, and let out a fart in my direction loud enough to echo around the neighborhood and wake up slumbering pigeons.

    I began wondering where I could find a sacrificial mollusc at this time of night.

  • Ha ha, yep that was a good one!!

  • plover investigations, llc, you’ll never get us alive, ya lowsy private dick.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Those are the most wonderful most perfect 1000000 micron sections of pork I’ve ever seen. Dang, I’m hungry. Did GC make the corn bread? I know she has rare baking talents.

  • BTW, are we going to Chuck E. Cheese for games to celebrate?

  • That looks porktastic!

    This comment needs help.

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