Three B! is One! CRAZY HNT!!! With Doggies!

Who is the mystery silhouette??? And why do the boys look like supastars? MAGIC DONUT.


9 Responses to “Three B! is One! CRAZY HNT!!! With Doggies!”

  • What’s my dog doing guest starring with your dogs? Wot th’?!?

    Magic donut. perhaps?

  • That donut looks delicious. If it was a Krispy Kreme Doughnut that big, I would digitize myself and go all Tron to find a way through the computer and internets to sneak over to your place and steal it and bring it back here to have with my morning coffee.

    Dang, I’m hungry!

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I know I’ve seen that pink box before.

  • UC – the pink boxes are ubiquitous throughout the bay area. Although, that doesn’t mean you are wrong.

  • Does that dog only have two legs?

    How hungry were you for some pork that day?

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Magic Donut from Bob’s????!!!!!

    That is the holy grail of foods.

  • If you didn’t feed some of that yummy donut to those darling doggies, then you are mean.

    Or if not donut, then some of that pork you had going on.

    Cute doggies need to be spoiled and told how cute they are every day.

  • They each got to destroy and swallow a deadly bone.

    Hey little guys!

  • Will said bone be used to grow a few limbs for that dog?

    Jesus, somebody call the ASPCA.

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