Three B! is One! Our Birfday Thoughts

We certainly shy away from the profound here at Three B. Sometimes we have our serious pants on, most times we usually just have our sexy red warm ups (click posts for teh sexxxy) on. Sometimes our Golden Onion Wiener hangs out. This post could go for 76 more categories, but it won’t. What we really want to do to celebrate is for people to just say hi. We know that commenting on bloggos takes time and sometimes people just don’t have a dingle-dong-donut to say. We have noticed some internet fatigue going around, we ourselves have felt it a little but for this one day we’d like lurkers and regulars and lapsed-ers and Google-booglers to say howdy ho. If you feel your time is of value equal to digging around the archives, you could reminisce about your least unfavorite 3B moment. We could pull a Norbiz and just ask people to rip the crap out of us, but our fragile psyches would only become terrible and bitter in response to your polite and correct criticism of our general cobaggishness.

We would like to add a humongous thank you to everyone that makes us smile every day. A special pressed ham to P. Bell, only because we now don’t feel comfortable ripping the crap out of the people we work with because our anonymity is a delicate flower at this point and must be nourished (the things you are missing out on). Actually, 3B allows a little daily vacation from the hellhole that is the University of Suck, and we appreciate that too.

We are always available to take your requests for various features and emu sightings, so 3bulls at gmail for those things, or leave them in comments. We realize that Billy D and aif, among others are waiting, waiting (patiently) for Emperor Take 5, and they will not be let down this calendar year. We are pacing ourselves.

We will also try to update the blogrollo, and blog pimping is welcome in the comments today, because today 3B is about you, the people that make 3B suck less than a lot of crap out there, but still more that some of the not-crap, probably. I think we can all thank Clif at Outside the Tent for his tireless work on Raining Secret Chundermuffins that appear on Fridays when I remember to turn it on.

Anyhoo, we hope to come back into the fray recharged after a weekend away. Hopefull our birthday momentum can take us through a weekend of Pinko away from the computer. As usual, Gregor and Yo have the keys. Try not to shoot anyone in the face with the rolo gun.

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  • Dude CONGRATULATIONS!!!! But there’s no way you can stay away for a whole weekend…

  • SECOND!!1!
    And DERANGED1!!
    Well, happy birfday to all teh cobagz and chundermuffins. But, not to teh emus, never *them*.
    C-ya next year, doods! *wink*

  • On this day, I will admit, that Pinko is not such an utter and complete cobag.

  • Happy Bullday and many happy emu-turns!!!un11!!!ein!III1!uno! You must remember to turn on the raining chundermuffins on Friday because I will have a big surprise for you!

  • We are always available to take your requests…

    What he means to say is we will take your requests, and throw them away.

    Things to reminisce about? I miss that GregH dude. He was funny.

    Happy blogday. I hope you get some cake so you can EAT IT, CAKEBAGH!!!!!!!!11!!11!!

  • I will not dance and post when the puppet master demands. I am my own individual and I choose not to post today.

    Happy Blogbirthday.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Happy blogoversary:

    3 Bulls: sucking less than oozing boils.
    3 Bulls: there’s more inane material on the internet, but why look harder?
    3 Bulls: where emus and cobags still roam the plains.
    3 Bulls: what, you were going to get work done instead?
    3 Bulls: yes, there’s more than 3 Bulls here.
    3 Bulls: your top source for Dick Cheney is so evil humour.
    3 Bulls: your gateway to the west coast pork snorkel
    3 Bulls: pillaging the best from Sadly, No!
    3 Bulls: constantly degrading Res Publica.

    Thanks for the laughs and the tears, Pinko!

  • Hi and howdy ho.

    In the next year, will we hear from THYCWOTI?

    In the next year, will we have more cobagitation?

    In the next year, will we have more made up insults that no one else understands?

    In the next year, will we have more Take 5 or other assorted confections?

    In the next year, will we have more fulsome?

    In the next year, will we have more t-shirts written in spirti?

  • Happy B-Day Cobagz! Will there be spanking involved? Inquiring minds want to know…

  • Happy blog birthday to the bulls (and PupH).
    Where’s the cake?

  • Happy B-day! This is really one of the funniest damn blogs on the infernets.
    I’ve lapsed somwhat, but show up occassionally to annoy the crap out of people with a king take5 inquiry. The reason I’ve lapsed is two-fold: 1) my goal for the summer is to download and watch every episode of the Simpsons, and 2) summer job eats up all the good blog-readin’ time.

  • I will never look at Take5 bars or phallus-shaped fried onion appetizers the same way again. Evah!

    STiTP salutes you!

  • You should be congratulated. My bloggo is four years old and it’s still crappy.

    Is a bread pan too small for the Emperor Take5?

  • Happy anniversary. My favorite 3B moment: introducing the phrase “Pork Snorkel” into my life. All these years, I had been searching for the right phrase – Hog Orgy, Pig Guzzle, Ham Hock Hoedown. Now my vocabulary is complete.

  • Bacon Binging just isn’t good enough for some people.


  • I remember the day I discovered 3B.

    Actually, I think I was tricked into coming here by someone at Norbizness place.

    Anyway, I didn’t understand it. But then I read the Musical Poop Shoot and… didn’t understand it.

    The one day after freebasing Viagra-n-Haldinol tooters while doing TequiaBongs with 2 bums, Howeird Dean, Christopher Hitchens and a hedgehog, I came here. It no longer made sense, but I didn’t care. Serious pants aside, 3B is where I come for relief from the overheated earnestness, general chumpmuffinery, and many emus of Left Blogtopia (y!sctp!)

    In any case, I’m pretty sure I first linked to Blue Girl from 3B. And although Blue Girl may be a near-A List blogger (she hangs with Lance Mannion and Pete Townshend) who eats ice cream in non-approved ways, she Rocks.

    So thanks anyway. I think. Hipy Papy bithdth mthirthdth, and Keep up the cobagitation, as I think someone has said.

    In any case, and in total, satin-shorts-and-5-inch-CFM-heels blogwhoring, I won’t be writing much for the next week or so at my regular peaceful little slice of the InterVerse, but Will be posting regular drunken rants about Summerfest from here:

  • Happy birfday … in celebration, I vow to drink one beer tonight for every year you’ve been around. I’ll drink the other 23 just ’cause I really like beer.

  • La presa d’aria del formaggio e del porco è squisita!

  • OK we’re bobbing for apples next, then the pinata- I wonder what kind it will be. It will probably have yummy chemically Double Bubble in it.

  • YES!! i rock the piñata so hard, the candy turns into coloured sugar dust.

    so will the other non-dormant bulls be posting again or are we to assume they are all le dead?

    anyway, happy birthday, o providers of most of my traffic!

  • In celebration of your birf, I shall open (with the handy screw top) and imbibe a treasured bottle of my favorite Four Emus, Ernie. Cheers!

  • I’m just posting here because I was told it was mandatory, and I want to keep my link on the sidebar.

  • Hey Dick-

    We have a bottle of that at home- we are going to do a taste test, you should chime in with your take on Bruce and the other Emus. Umm, Kylie.

  • I’m just posting here because I was told it was mandatory, and I want to get my link on the sidebar rolled over finally.

  • Kos told me it was mandatory to post here.

    (Man, I don’t even have a blog. Why do I put up with this crap?)

  • You may keep your hypothetical advertising blog revenue, EdsAppliance.

  • Happy birfday, Bulls, 3!

  • Lurker here. And big fan. Even when you guys confuse the hell out of me.

    Hizzy Bizzy.

    Or something.

  • I just threw up a link to 3Bulls on my hypothetical blog. I’m going to encourage all visitors to drop in and bid on your blog on ebay.

  • Un poco tarde, pero feliz cumpleaños, Tres Toros.

    We don’t give f_ck ’cause it’s your birthday.

  • Can we still be friends?

  • Seitz, you have a link on the sidebar?

    I’m going to have to look for Bruce, Kylie, Craig and Gorge and pick up a bottle myself.

  • I think Gorge was in SF the other day.

    Did you see that enormous pile of pork? There were two pigs worth of ribs in that!1!!

    I need some food.

  • Thanks, Shermeroo and mt and J——–(i know you you are!)

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