Lee Siegel Just Called!

He said we should try to eschew sordid juvenalia in our celebrations, gustatory and otherwise. I told him to eat it.

Carry on!

9 Responses to “Lee Siegel Just Called!”

  • someone needs to eschew himself some anti-emu pills

  • Lee Siegel probably sent out The New Republican Commandos to tag me with one of those GPS markers that flags me to spam filters.

  • Hey, I’m back! I promise not to pass out in the kitty litter again if it will keep me off the spam list.

    Anyone know why I might not be receiving the capcha image when my aura goes all pink and canned?

  • I bet he has a blog so he can just keep submitting peopel to Akismet as spam. I heard he did that to Clif. Also, he said Clif’s dog wasn’t cute.

    I know. I know. Bastardo.

  • I don’t ever see the captcha. I have heard it doesn’t work. Suck. SK2 is not really working out that great.

  • Have you seen SK2’s false positive page?

    It says SK2 should be telling you why it flagged a comment, though I don’t know if the information is still there after the comment has been approved.

    Given the list the SK2 guy gives, I would guess the most likely reason this has been happening to me is RBL (Realtime Blacklist server) blocks. I’m guessing this due to the fact that it seems to fix itself after a few hours, and that, at least the first time, it affected me both here and at RoD. This of course presumes you have that bit of SK2 enabled; if not, then I don’t really have a guess.

    When this happens I do get a form asking for capcha text, but the image itself never loads. As the SK2 guy seems to think his capchas work, I would guess this is fixable. However, according to the false positive page, SK2 does have incompatibilities with some server setups. Since I know nothing about either what kind of server issues cause problems or your server setup, I have no idea what is or isn’t possible in that case.

    If you can find out if I’m being blocked by the RBL servers, I’d like to know. It might be worth reporting to my ISP.

  • I think captchas might not work with Word Press- a bunch of people were complaining on WP threads. So I check what nailed you- it was actuallu Akismet. I have shifted the settings to give Akismet more weight, but not all, because the spam that does make it through Akismet would normally nail, but it fools SK2. The more comments you submit that I catch, that will correct your Akismet situation. All of your latest comments Akismet thinks are ham, so you are good. Sorry about that. I am getting really frustrated with stuff. I just installed Bad Behavior, so I can drop severity on other things. Hang in little he/she/it/bird (avian) plover.

  • i’m getting a lot of sneaky little spammeroos too.

    }quit tracking your dirty shoes all over my carpet!

  • No, that was me tracking in mud from the flud.

    Sorry, aif.

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