If you get chumped by spamulator, or have a requesto: 3bulls at gmail.
SK2, Akismet and Bad Behavior are all gunning for the emus.

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  • Oh titleless post!

    Which appears only in the recent posts list,

    How shall I comment on thee?

    Thy dulcet tones whisper to me of spam filters,

    Surely a topic to charm the most hardened hearts in all Blogdom,

    And transport them to that gentle land

    Where the sweet, insistent buhsqwakking of the emus,

    Distracting from more rational cares

    And breaking restful slumber into small stolen moments,

    Blissfully carries all meaning and thought,

    Like the remnants of a summer shower

    Being dispersed on the sighing breeze,

    To float at the horizon – just out of reach.

  • I suspect, though, that by the time much of anyone reads this, the post may have acquired a title. Ah well.

  • still no title

    why are the titles of the posts constantly degrading plover?

  • If 1031 is a title, though it doesn’t appear at the top of the post.

    I kinda like the idea that we can have hidden posts…

  • It shows up on the asides! Doesn’t anyone read the asides???

  • Honestly, I had never made the connection. But if you’ll notice, I did comment on one other aside.

  • I only ever read one column, occasionally I glance at a 2nd to see how blue girl’s rss feed is doing. The mystical 3rd column makes no sense to me. I think sighting Jexter is like finding the Virgin Mary on a tortilla, though.

  • I never noticed that either.

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