Scenes from the Boulangerie

Customer 1: Bonjur, Ahn Bagette, See Vu Play
Cashier: Way, Monsewer! Mercee Baicoo

Customer 2: Bonjour, Ahn Bagette Tradishun
Cashier: Way, Mahdam! Mercee! Ah Revwahr! Bon Journee!

Customer 3: Bonjur!!! Der Baguette, See Vu Play
Cashier: Way, Mahdam! Mercee! Bon Journee!!

Gregor Samsa: Bonjur Ahn Bagette See Vu Play!!!
Cashier: *look of pained confusion and contempt*
Gregor Samsa: *gesticulates wildly at the baguettes*
Cashier: Ah, Ahhhhhn Baxxqgqkurewqrrrueeeterrrssf!!!!
Gregor Samsa: Way!
Cashier: *silence*
Gregor Samsa: Eat it?!
Cashier: ????? Way….Eeet et!
Gregor Samsa: Merciful Buttercups, Adios!

Whoa, check out the baguette on this guy! (Image hosted by Flickr)Giant Baguette!

4 Responses to “Scenes from the Boulangerie”

  • I like how he has only one leg like that pitiful dog of Pinko’s.

  • Sorry Chuckles, I meant to mention your ginormous whang in the post but I forgot. Next time.

  • Speaking of bagguette-phallus imagery, me and a friend used to draw a comic about a french mime that was constantly finding himself in situations where the baguette would somehow end up in his rear.

    Looking back on the character, he definately had some denial issues going on, as he was allways incredulous that it ended up there “Sacre Bleu!” and all that.

    I think his name was marcel, in anothers words: Beatings aren’t funny, stabbings aren’t funny, mimes aren’t funny. But beating and stabbing a mime…

  • perspective is kinky!

    Eeet et!

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