Happy Canada Day!

Question – What is the history behind Canada Day?

Answer – Historians and archaeologists still puzzle over this matter. The majority theorize that it may be one of the following: a celebration of a peaceful non-controversial and relatively minor change in the style of government; the union of territories; or perhaps even an obscure solstice celebration. But nobody really knows for sure.

Your challenge for the day is to think about the ways that Canadians or Canada have had an impact on your life!

Also consider this an open thread because those earlier posts sure are getting full.

Update:  Beer and contributing to the deliquency of a minor – two reasons to love Canada.  Plus Adorable Girlfriend loves her some Canadians for reals and forever.

11 Responses to “Happy Canada Day!”

  • 1) My four candian-born siblings (4 of 7!!!!1)
    2) Neil Young (eat it Pop Ren)
    3) Joni Mitchell
    4) The Okanagon valley of my youth.
    5) Canadian Food!! Mmm Mmm Bland!

  • Canadia never gave me nuttin’. Nuttin’. Stupid Canada.

    Though, AG does loves those diamonds from Canadia Diamonds.

    P.S. Gregor, that’s a lot of children in your family.

  • So, you’re saying Canada is like an open thread?

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Happy Canadia Day to me!

    Sorry guys, I broke the blog. Hopefully PP can fix it when he gets back

  • I like when Mr. Leveque used to buy us underaged kids two-fours and put them side by each.

  • Canada Day. When Great Britain told that chunk of permafrost on the other continent, “Poof, you’re your own country now, but have our queen anyway.” Response? Huge party with lots of beer.

    Canadian beer got me to like beer, because Buttwiper wasn’t going to do that. Or Milwaukee’s Best, for that matter.

  • I’m sensing a beer theme here.

    Pinko Punko is going to Poopso his Pantso with this Engl/Port game!

  • Rooney is a Man. U. turd and of course England showed no spine on penalties after lots of spine to play 60 minutes with 10 dudes.

    Diving Portugal cobags are banned.

  • miller high life!! whoooo what a beer(not really)

    yeah portugal and their world-conquering cobaggery needs to be banned! and i guess rooney’s metatarsal is gonna eat it now along with beckham!

  • We have good beer in America, we just drink it all ourselves, being the selfish so-and-sos we are. It seems most nations are like that, though: Amstel? Stella Artois? Lowenbrau? Ew. Only the Irish export their most excellent of beers, and may God rain his most glorious blessings on them for it.

    As for Canada, I met John Manley not too long ago, and he’s a Hell of a guy. Your losers beat our “winners” coming and going, and I am intensely jealous. Oh, for intelligent politicos!

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