The Day of The Eating

Or: A New Triple (Low Pork version!).  Previously we have discussed doubles and triples here.  This was a grab bag of a snorkel.  This was a painterly improvisation hodge podge of the eating.  Here is our route:


In red is the main eating party. Containing myself and various hangers on and relations.

1.  French bakery in Italian North Beach.  A mediocre palmier pastry is consumed.  This pastry was OK, although this bakery is usually to be counted on for excellent Napoleons- the rectangular amalgamation of pastry and custard.

2.  Geenie C. attempts to derail the eating by passing half a relatively decent genoa salami sandwich to me claiming that she was “done” and that it would just be cast off into nothingness.  I was forced to consume it.  The Italian bread was nice and chewy and the salami was subtle and excellent as good salami can be, and needs to be when in a huge wad, like indeed it was.

3.  Fisherman’s Wharf. I have never heard anyone claim that there is any special reason to go to FW.  It is usually a clusterhump of slow moving hominids, one which could easily be Niagara Falls or some such haven of trinket shops and wax museums.  However there was a desire- a secret desire for some fried clams.  Not the whole ones, but some clam strips which are nice and tender and have a very high batter to clam ratio.  The extra secret desire was that they be delicately batter in extra crunchy yummy batter and served with an exsquisite and delectable tartar sauce.  Let’s go to the tape:


As you can see these clams are essentially toaster-oven style, still delish but not holding a candle to the ones you can get at even the super touristy Quincy Market in Boston, and for once the fries tasted good too, as they hadn’t been fried several days before.

4A.  What we have neglected to mention was our secret plan.  On the map you’ll notice a mysterious character in blue.  This character is our beloved fulsome having been out and about.  fulsome was contacted and he accepted his mission to obtain something at 4A.

4B.  fulsome appears as if from the fog, and the clams are accented with:


How was it?  Delicious or Disgusting has the answer.

5.  Literally the most interesting chocolate I have ever had.  This includes the much feted Burdick chocos in Cambridge- everything I have had from there has tasted stale or odd.  I assume this is a freak thing.  Cocoa Bella does not make their own chocolate as far as I know, what they do have is a collection of artisinal chocolates from many establishments throughout the world.  These are displayed on wonderful counters with descriptions of each kind.  The variety and exotic nature of the chocolates make it difficult to concentrate enough to read the actual cards talking about the different flavors of each piece.  Each piece has a froofy title and we tried several, including the “Patricia” mentioned here.   It was a chili and tangerine flavored filled chocolate spire and I liked it a little bit more than the reviewer we linked to.  Obviously the pricing is crazy, but worth it for a couple of bites.

6. Not-pictured.  fulsome left us here and we assume a cream puff massacre shortly followed as soon as he left our sight.  We should inquire about the details of this heinous crime.

7.  Not mentioned.  I must be honest with you and I have my reasons.  I will discuss later.  I need to explain what happened at position (7) not shown.

18 Responses to “The Day of The Eating”

  • Oh, we’d all like to know what happened at Position 7 when you boys made out with Pop Star.

  • <stomping foot>
    They are NOT “napoleons”!! The proper term is “millefeuilles,” which I admit is as difficult for an American to pronounce as, say, schandenfreude, but that is still no excuse for bastardizing the proper name of one of the gems of French pastry. If we need to stand our ground against the French effort to rename the BK Whopper as “Le Royale,” we cannot ourselves slide down the slippery slope of linguistic appeasement.
    </stomping foot>

  • DC has nothing of quality in terms of walking food that I know. I know the joys of Cake Love as do fulsome and fulsomegirl. I have found few taco trucks and most are severely out of the way in the suburbs. I am thoroughly jealous. I could really go for a Vietnamese sandwich.

  • Sounds like a most excellent outing. However, clams without bellies is like lobster without butter. It’s just not done in refined society.

    Best chocolates I have ever experiences was Jubilee Chocolates (I think they call it John and Kira’s now). Takes a second mortgage to buy a box, but they do a complete bodyslam on those uppity European chocolatiers. As close to religion as I can get.

  • Are those clams from the second vendor, with the blue awning, that says something like #5 blah blah fishcakes? Cause if they are, I seriously hope you had a shrimp sandwich from them, too.

  • Clif- I nev er even knew those had another name- I have never ever seen it referred to- thanks for that. Although you know you meant Quarter Pounder with cheese. Touche, mon frere. Touche.

    Jennifer- it was indeed the second place. I usually don’t have enough moolah to pay the inflated prices, but next time I will get two things- clams from another place to check ’em out and the shrimp sandwich. Obviously everythign fried always looks good.

    Chuckles I am going to find you a vietnamese sandwich place in DC. You should have had UC take you when you were in Boston. He knows one in Dorchester. Did he keep it from you?

  • We have to thank Pinko for his discrimination of AG in comments! Well played with the Jennifer card. Well played.

    UC ain’t going to no Dorchester joint. Largely because how would he get there? B-dawg? We never see him because he won’t let AG chew that sexist apart.

    And thank you for your willingness to take care of Chuckie so quickly with his phallic man cake sandwiches. What have you done for any of the female bloggers (Please exclude Geenie Cola, with all due respect GC, in your response) lately?

  • Well, I have to assume that tigrismus and presumably jennifer don’t need any help with their sandwiches because they never ask. Frankly I assume that we have an exteremely competent set of commenters that live in a humongous gourmet skymall featuring ketchup chips etc. at their beck and call.

    as to fish’s statement about the clam bellies, I htink he knows that I can’t fly that way. I am sure they are more sophisticated but the batter to clam ratio drops too low. Into the danger zone.

  • There’s a place down by the beach in NC that has the best shrimp burgers on earth!

  • Hey, I’m all for help with sandwiches; just leave out the pork. And seriously, the shrimp sandwiches at that place are enough to make me swear off being a vegetarian. Don’t get lured into the place around the corner, with all the fancy lettuce and tomatoes and tarragon. Or god forbid one of the actual restaurants. The sandwiches there were $10.

  • OK, just to commit to memory- blue awning, second place.

    Got it.

    What kind of sauce does it need? Nothing? tartar? cocktail?

    See, we couldn’t help jennifer with a Vietnamese sandwich, because they do something so weird to the “vegetarian” ones you can’t be sure that it doesn’t have meat on it. We wouldn’t want her to be off the wagon for anything less that a yummy/crunchy fried shrimp sammie.

  • Those clams are glistening. Must look away before I drool on my keyboard (again).

  • Glistening with flavor

  • What the hell happened at 7? I was there and I don’t know what you are talking about schmoopies.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    PP, there are some mind-numbingly good seafood places in Essex that do fried clams like nobody has a right to. They also serve onion rings in the Kelly’s style, but better. I’m with you about clam strips compared to bellies. I know the purists go with Fish’s ideology. For me, it’s not so much the batter to clam ratio, but more like the batter to gonad/intestine ratio.

    This thread is also making me crave Banh Mi is a serious way. I don’t know if the Dorchester place will suffice. I might need to get me to Oakland. Also there is a great chocolate place in Palo Alto that does the chili chocolate really well. Yummy and oh so pricey.

  • Mmmmm, gonads and intestines….

  • Sauce?!? (not-fried) Shrimp sandwich needs no sauce. No no no, completely unadulterated; no lettuce, no frenchy herbs, no condiments. We’re talking baby shrimp, mayonnaise-based dressing, and roll. And with the blue awning place, you’d almost need to get another roll on the side. Last time I was there, we got a baguette from some chain bakery over in the parking lot and split the shrimp.

    But I don’t want you going there, imagining some orgiastic triumph of culinary magic, and be horribly disappointed. So maybe you would need sauce.

  • I saw someone order something like that. Literally a huge MOUND of shrimp salad or some such thing. I am intrigued. It really did look like it needed an extra roll thinking about it. The provided roll was certainly inadequate.

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