Three Bulls! Has Lost Our Edge

How could we miss this, especially fish.

SusEmu Tonegawa, Nobel Prize winning-chundermuffin.

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  • The Uncanny Canadian

    How many times has Three Bulls! eaten it?

    July 18th – Three Bulls! Has Lost Our Edge
    July 13th – We Were Thinking, How Could We Achieve a New Low
    May 3- Three Bulls! in Trouble
    May 1 – Sorry That Everything Sucks
    March 24 – 3Bulls! Resigns
    March 23 – Dispirited are the Bulls.
    February 3 – Welcome to cobag central, population us
    January 20 – We Just Got Pst0mized
    November 18 – Three Bulls! Hates Ourself
    November 12 – Hungary Rocks. Even Hungarian Blogs Are Better Than Three Bulls!
    August 23 – Three Bulls! Wanders to the Flipside, Gets Spanked, Ponders Existence
    July 15 – The post wherein Three Bulls! aims to prove market theory by our failure.
    July 2 – No one will ever know this was posted here.

    Three Bulls!: Mastering the art of self-deprecation

  • Considering we are so full of eating it, it is odd that AG has never once gotten us to eat a single molecule.

  • U 3Bulls people make me sorry that I ever found the internets. I’m not sure you even mean well. In any event, I hope “Tragic Tranny Friday” has a happy ending.

  • Gee, now that you mention it, I’m not quite sure either.

    Then again, the internet say’s i’m 66% evil.

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