Several Things

1) One of these dude’s below (I think David Lee Roth’s identical cousin) apparently left a comment on Three B! totally upstaging Michael Berube’s appearance in these parts. Oh and this video totally obliterated Insty when he clicked it. No one has ever let him keep his boots on.

2) We saw this dude’s 70s uncle rolling down the ‘ninsula. He was sporting a Camaro with a bra (natch) and some very unfortunate skin, Steve Miller’s “Jungle Love” was pumping, breezing in a tank, he was living his childhood over again. And you know what? GOD LOVE HIM.

3) We warned dearest Per (buhsqwack!) that he really, in all seriousness, needed to be freakish, akin to that which is of the week, if he so wished for that gun, which is top, to, as the kids say, “bop.” He roared his bestus, alas he was the restus. Nothing but the most innocent “cheep” was heard. The result, the proverbial eating of “it.”

4) What I find interesting to the point of perplexity is that a certain avian commenter here leads by example in clearly stating the points he/she/it/bird makes, clearly stating what he/she/it/bird thinks is an opponent’s basis for h/s/i/b’s response, and taking the time to craft precise and emotionless masterpieces. This is leading by example. 3B only hopes to improve itself by the association, however we do wish h/s/i/b wouldn’t leave little bird poops in our brains while h/s/i/b is rummaging through our very thoughts using a mind control beam.

5) Header contest results forthcoming! Three Bulls! CON-SNORKEL begins manana. Would it kill AG to vote for at least fish? Fish needs his AG.

6) Oh, I’m totally depressed about the world and everything in it. Mostly the munchwagons, though.

8 Responses to “Several Things”

  • yes, the muchwagons can totally eat it.

  • One of the funniest things we saw in Paris was a total dude (think one of the Duke Bros) in a freaking El Camino with a radical cam (he could barely keep it running while stopped) cruising down the the Right Bank.

  • Am I the only one who feels that the blog burn-out came earlier than usual this year?

    I’m not totally depressed about the world and everything in it, just bored with it all.

  • Oh yeah, that post about when you get emails like something broke the blog.

  • Yeah there’s definitely BBS (blog burnout syndrome) going on. Last year for me it was Katrina. Got to take a little time off every once in a while.

  • I am staggering to fire up the blog every damn day. I hear ya. I just want to get a chuckle give and receive from the kids here. That is all I want.

    So sad.

  • re: (1): Holy, really? I fuckin’ love that song.

    I joke not a whit. I really do love it. It’s on one of my favorite CDs (The Perfect Beats Volume, I think, Three?) and I listen to it over and over again, and it gets stuck in my head.



  • Oh Sifu, there was a total flame war going on in another thread, and I felt like quoting “it’s a wonder we communicate at all.” I didn’t know anyone would get the joke!

    Sweet Ebn, sweet Ozn.

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