Friday new music poop shoot

In my lame-ass attempt to provide new 3B content before I disappear for the next few days, I am trying a poop shoot based on music I have never heard before. All of these songs were obtained from Pinko Punko during our short but notorious visit last week.

1. Action/Adventure – Andrew Bird

This is really catchy music. It features a very prominent picked guitar line and this aura of ’50s black and white movie mystery. Some beautiful fiddling as well giving it that old fashioned feel. His voice is really good as well. I think I relate this music to Patrick Wolf’s style a little. 8.5/10

2. House of Cards – Radiohead

This is a live recording of a new Radiohead song. I probably heard it when they played in Boston, but it’s not familiar enough to remember. The song begins by sounding nothing at all like Radiohead until Thom Yorke starts singing. The voice is right, and all of a sudden it sounds like classic great amazing Radiohead. And it keeps getting better. It still has a strange bossa nova kind of beat that is a little distracting but the lyrical qualities are so good. It’s clear that once the song is polished and produced it will be a fan favourite. 9/10

3. In A Hole – Miss Alex White and the Red Orchestra

This is pretty garage rocky. Reminds me of Mr. Airplane Man, especially with the low-fi sound and the female lead vocals. I guess a guy sings with her as well, but her voice is really what captures the attention. Some of the guitar riffs are pretty Rolling Stones circa good Rolling Stones. I like it, but I don’t think I would want to hear it over and over again. 7.5/10

4. Sonderangebot – NEU!

It takes a little while to get into this track. The beginning is very atmospheric in a ’70s prog rock kind of way. Hopefully it’s going to develop into something really good like a Yes song and not something really lame like a Steve Miller Band or Boston song. OK, I’m still waiting for something to happen. It’s kind of like one of those annoying Green Typewriter tracks from Olivia Tremor Control’s Dusk at Cubist Castle. Nothing yet. Oh wait, a loud cacaphony marks the approach to minute 5, and then the track is over. I guess it’s all about context, right? 1.125/10

5. Do You Wanna Stretch It? – Speedball Baby

Don’t know what to make of this at all. The song begins with a kind of narrative over a strange sound landscape. The only thing I can think to compare the feeling to is Woke Up One Morning, or whatever the title track music to The Sopranos is. The song kind of gets bluesy in the middle in a free-form kind of way while the singer asks, “You want to stretch it baby? Stretch it? Yeah”. I wonder if this is what Soul Coughing sounds like. I think it’s really interesting, though. 7/10

6. Thursday – Asobi Seksu

I think this music is relatable to newer Death Cab for Cutie or maybe even Snow Patrol. I know people diss on her voice or something about their musicality, but when her voice soars during the chorus in what may or may not be english (do I notice?), it sends chills down my back. The song may have a little too much dancability to it, but it does get my pulse racing a little. You know, like when you start typing a little faster. The keyboard, though sparse, sounds great. If it were all keyboardy, I would be in greater ecstasy. 9/10

7. I Can’t Stop Thinking About It – The Dirtbombs

This sounds pretty English punk influenced but not super punky. Kind of like the sound that Ted Leo and the Pharmacists have. It’s not interesting enough for me, but has a good Jesus and Mary Chain bass line and and a good enough beat. 6.5/10

8. Fake Lakes – Dirty on Purpose

Some music just grabs you from the first beat. It has an aura of familiarity and awesomeness before you really know what hits you. This song begins that way. Until the guy starts to sing, and you’re like, is that a guy with a super sweet sounding voice (e.g. Antony and the Johnsons), or are you listening to a woman with a super strange voice. OK, I’ll presume it’s a guy. Hmm, now how can I explain how good this band is and what they sound like? It’s kind of slow, not super slow. It’s kind of sad, not super sad. I guess it evokes how Interpol can make me feel (think NYC) without having that same sound. It’s really phenomenal and rarely does a song win me over this quickly. 10/10

9. Metal Biscuit – King Biscuit Time

This is an instrumental electronic song that makes me think of all kinds of beautiful and sad things without offering any specific directive. Just kind of jumping scintilla of beauty. 8.5/10

10. The Water is Warm – Evangelicals

I guess this must be a variation of alt-country or alt-folk. It’s very slow and pretty and simple and nostalgic. Kind of all, “So come on in … for a swim … the water is warm … hey come on in”. This is a nice partner with the Andrew Bird tracks and would fit right in with a M. Ward compilation. Hmm, maybe it’s alt-campfire music. There’s some beautiful background harmony and it’s very endearing music. 9/10

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