I Have Just Brought it To My Personal Attention

that I kind of go around writing web log posts in my head, while not actually writing them on the web log. Dear Insty, how can our nanobot helpers allow an army of thought bloggers to become reality. I would love to see the technorati pings on “Wow, that poop smelled bad. Oh crap, did I think that on the blog? I’m so embarrassed. Good thing I, Pinko Punko, am anonymous, and didn’t just out myself by thinking my real name. Oh shit. I did. Both.” The only thing I can add to that certainly unfortunate enterprise would be that the Secret Service would have their plates full. And we’re not just talking chuckles here. Anyway, just think of the arrangement as less content, but more filter.

An example: I mentioned previously that an airport cobag had laid me so low. Some well-heeled Chazmonaut talking on his celly-o to some dude “Sc*tt” whom cobag kept calling “Sc*tt” by his name “Sc*tt” in that way you do with your not really friends when you are annoyed with them, like [deleted for my safety]. Anyway, he was mentally pissing his pants over and over about Hezbollah and Iran and was advocating that due to their fanaticism, the only way to handle the sitch, cuz they were DETERMINED to nuke Israel, would be to attack Iran immediately. OK. S. T. F. U. And I felt bad for Sc*tt because Sc*tt could not get off the phone with cobag. Who kept talking down to him, Sc*tt, for the entire gate to listen to. And I didn’t get to go to Popeye’s. So I never told you about that. Mostly because this post by Kung Fu Monkey summed it all up. What needed to be said? Nothing.

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