WHEW, the Patriarchy Had a Close One

Thank God Japan’s archaic tradition of having not all that useful royalty wasn’t put to the girl-ruler test. I mean what SCANDAL! Patriarchy 1 million, World -15. Should Twisty decide to raise a finger on this topic, it will bound [what the hell construction is this?] to be devastatingly entertaining, yet sadly all too true.

17 Responses to “WHEW, the Patriarchy Had a Close One”

  • I am so happy for, um, who are we talking about?

  • I don’t know. When crazy foreigners start talking about whoever’s going to be crowned magical fairy princess or whatever (England, I’m totally looking at you), my attention tends to drift. It’s all clicks and whistles to me.

  • Pinko, have you been huffing Kaye Grogan’s stash?

    Anyway, it’s pretty pathetic. Japan has come so far in equal rights for women in recent decades. And its not like an Empress is entirely without historical precedent. Oh well…

  • Were tehre any female samurai? Cuz that would be totally sweet. Like a hot ninja babe.

  • OMFG!!!! a Meat Is Murder 3B! banner!!! you like me! you REALLY LIKE ME!!!!

  • Yes, meat is murder. Tasty, tasty murder.

  • Delicious, succulent murder with the fat around the edges roasted to crispy, salty perfection.

  • Is your bathtub occupied, because I may have to move in with you and I need a place to crash.

  • Hot ninja babes totally kill you before you can even appreciate their hotness. Samurai babes might be better, but I doubt it.

    I think the princesses get secret super-powers instead of getting to be rulers.

  • chuckles, a woman IIRC could not be samurai, but there were several notable female ninjas and other assassins through history. And the empress and the princesses and their retinues historically had female bodyguards armed with tanto. Also, the Japanese version of the halberd was traditionally thought of as a woman’s weapon…

  • My understanding was that “samurai” referred to the class, and therefore woman could be samurai, just not the samurai warriors.

    Also, I read through the CNN article to get to this part at the end: “Some conservatives proposed a revival of concubines to produce imperial heirs”. Awesome.


  • teh l4m3, I want some hot ninja babes to follow me around and remove people from my path with bloody abandon. I want a couple of hot samurai babes to just follow me around. Hot women are always necessary.

    The idea of concubine farms is appealing, but I bet those tricksy women would sleep with the concubine stableboys in a massive scheme to become the Royal Mother.


  • Chuckles, what the hell is wrong with you?

  • Kathleen: You’re right of course. For the sake of conversation, I was relying on the American colloquialism I’d (apparently) wrongly assumed we’d all agreed upon, not the strict definition. Nitpick noted ;).

    Pinko: I think he’s drunk, reveling in AG-repelling sexism, and maybe watching Shurayukihime…

  • Words cannot express how much I am in favor of drunk-blogging.

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