Happy Helloween!

Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part the Second, Cobags!

So I was at the Dr. the other day with a sore throat and no wonder, he said, your esophagus is a douchey office building. Touche, Herr Emu, Touche.

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  • I call your .5-ass Helloween and go ALL-IN with not one, not two, but THREE Figgs videos!!


    Not scary, but they do a song called “Cheap Cassettes of Motorhead” that is classic.

    They’re playing in town tonight and I foresee much rocking. I WILL be buying hte band drinks as well as supplying them with odd chemicals, if available!

    Emus allowed, even. Linnemann’s is a no-pressure kinda joint.

    Gad, I feel like going there now to wait.

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