Bah, humbug?

I have a video present for 3B readers, or perhaps an anti-present, or perhaps a weapon of Mass Holiday Destruction.

It is below the fold.

It is not work, friend, family, child, pet, phylogenetically confused organism, or Cthuloid fungus safe.

If you are not Canadian, you may want to give any Canadians you care about a chance to get to a safe distance away from you. Then again, you may not.

If you are Canadian, well…

If you are an AC/DC fan, RUN AWAY. I MEAN IT.

If you have an inkling of fondness for AC/DC, large amounts of lead shielding MIGHT save you.

This is your last chance to turn back. Won’t you think of the children?

Here it is:

AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”

as covered by

Celine Dion

If you’ve survived this far you may want to check out the comment thread on YouTube.

If you haven’t survived, you may blame this menace for having told me about it.

19 Responses to “Bah, humbug?”

  • may the cookie jesus strike me down with glaucoma!! AIEEEEEEEEE!@!!@!%R!@

  • Plover, we tried so hard to remove that creature from the national consciousness and consign her to the memory hole of Las Vegas. She’s like the Ann Althouse of pop music: she has made herself a necessary part of the landscape, but people would rather she disappeared entirely and was only a vaguely embarassing memory.

    The CCA is behind this. I can feel it. And Dick Cheney. His sticky cthonic sucker-prints are all over it.

  • That’s so wrong its almost write.

  • My mouse finger refused to click that link. I kept trying but my hand was repeatedly sliding the pointer away from the play button at the last second.

    I feel that Celine Dion wiped out all the cultural credibility that Canada had earned through a steady stream of talented exports, and she did so in one fell swoop, in one single single.


  • If she had covered “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It).” I think she is kind of amusingly uncoordinated, and you’ve got to give some inkling of cred because she does the Angus walk. And on top of that, it’s latter day AC/DC (heh, 1980 is latter day). The song is kind of horrible. I presume that is some European Awards show? Anastacia had one American hit but I think is somewhat beloved on nether shores.

  • “I feel that Celine Dion wiped out all the cultural credibility that Canada had earned through a steady stream of talented exports…”

    Isn’t it ironic? Yeah I really do think.

  • I haven’t been able to watch it yet. After 48 hours of lovely Christmas and symphonic music the cognitive dissonance just seems even more frightful.

  • I mostly found it insanely funny.

    See Celine air guitar (who knew?).

    See Celine strut — er, sort of.

    See Celine Angus-walk(!).

    Ooh, now she’s trying to rock out. Pathetically.

    Woah, that’s pathetic… etc…

    It was kind of a relief when Anastacia showed up. I could catch my breath.

    Everyone now probably thinks I’m very disturbed.

    Now try to imagine her singing “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”… *bwahahahahahahaha*




  • oh plover, must you paint such pictures?

  • I’d rather see her than Brian Johnson trotte out some more in his stupid hat. There is somethign about Celine, I don’t like her at all, but she has a certain amount of ingenue about her. I think she really is the perfect candidate for infiltrating the Oprah organization and passing secrets so we may destroy in from within.

    See, all you have to do is add some backstory to someone and they are immediately more interesting!

  • So what you’re saying is that this performance was really a coded message to whatever clandestine organization she’s currently working for? And that 3B operatives from the Black Bag wing (the third B is secret) will be picking her up and reprogramming her for operations against the O Network?


    O Network

    O Canada

    Coincidence? I don’t think so!

  • 1000 coded bingoes!

  • to paraphrase a famous lawblogemu,

    she could be communicating by blinking in morse code!!

  • The only thing worse than watching someone do air guitar is watching Celine Dion do air guitar. It just proves that the line between singing sappy love songs in French and channeling a fake rocker in Vegas is thin, perilously thin. What next? Mireille Mathieu channeling Sid Vicious?

  • Boy, it’s a misguided cross-over effort like that where you really see how tuneless and talentless she is.

    She’s tall, skinny, has lungs that could shriek the evil offa Dick Cheney, and a manager that makes The Colonel look like an epitome of restraint.

    Obviously destined to be a star in America. You’re welcome, world, we are now acting as the universal dumping ground for all failed artists, musicians, politicians, and emu-throttlers….

    But I’ll bet you AC/DC cashed that fookin royalty check and spent it all on whiskey. So it’s still kind of a rock n roll moment.

  • Great.

    Just goddam great.

    All I can picture in my head is bloody, bloody murder. Blunt objects and skulls. Titus Pullo in an arena with Celine and carving chunks out of her with a rusty gladius.

    Here is a bit of ick: She married her 40 year old manager at age 18 or 20. After they had been working together for a few years.

  • This reaffirms my belief in God and, more specifically, the Devil, because these kind of atrocities have to be by design.

    Pinko, do not speak ill of AC/DC — everything up to Back and Black is gold, I tell you, gold!

  • I was never an AC/DC fan, but I feel ill… I don’t want think of anyone shaking Squalene all night long… for that matter, I don’t want to see her shaking herself all night long…

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