Helping the Terrorists

During the same conversation with the Nutter Butter wherein he referred to Mark Steyn as “totally awesome,” NB made a joke from the dark corners of his mind. His anxiety relating to the continued existence of Western Society forced him to observe that Smokey Dog and Pugsley, being surrogates for actual human children, give the terrorists two free spots in the population race.


I mean look at that. How can you argue with such total nefariousness? Where is Bill Donohue now? When will he become a real hard ass about birth control of the puppy variety?

10 Responses to “Helping the Terrorists”

  • Tired from a hard day of subverting The American Way, no doubt.

    Surrogates? Sounds vaguely anti-Christian, it does.

  • My GAWD, Pinko!!! You even have surrogate images on your blanketry! What next?!!? What kind of message does this send?

    BTW, the poochies look adorable… even if they are ruining the future of mankind.

  • This picture is a visual expression of everything that is right with the world.

    I’m afraid it’s beyond squee!, even.

  • Hellhounds of the Subgenius

  • Hi 3B,

    Found you at Twisty’s, and you make me crack up. So I keep coming back.

    Then today, you further brightened my nearly snowy morning — with your PUGS!

    We not only have the same faux-Warhol pug fleece here in rural NorCal, we have an eerily similar pic of “the boys” lolling on it. And we have sunk still lower: one of them has a myspace page. My daughter made it, but still.

    Thanks again for all the fun. And the pugs.

  • I am with mdhatter on this one. I must inquire about the Stink-O-Scale rating of Smokey Dog in this picture. Was he at Full Frito? If so, then we can state without question that he has corrupted Pugsley totally and completely. We mus take steps to eradicate this menace before it overwhelms all olfactory defenses. Captain Adama Yoshida is planning the operation as we speak. I believe that the situation clearly calls for a nuclear solution.

  • yes a new clear (sudsy) solution, applied to destroy the frito threat.


  • I’ve found bathing my dog with French onion dip neutralizes the full-fritosity. It’s kind of like bathing in tomato juice after attempting to befriend a skunk.

  • I can’t bathe my tarantula but he/she/it/bird/spider does not smell. The dried bananas that I put in to feed the crickets don’t smell too bad, nor do the dessicated carcasses. The plain old dead-from-non-spider-causes crickets do smell however. I shall have to clean them out as soon as Helob eats the two remaining living crickets.

    I think those two crickets are living in sin, incidentally. And they’re both MALE!

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