An Old Friend

Way back in our unformed infancy, some Freepers were talking some back-sass to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. One, Boudiccia, in particular seemed especially cerebrally spongiformed.

What is massively hilarious is that we randomly clicked on somebody complaining about Black Snake Moan, a new film that Three Bulls is suing for soon to be disclosed reasons, only to find this:

Re: “Black Snake Moan” Good grief more skankiness from Christina Ricci…
Some movie posters:

Lady alone with chain:…hoto/970421843

Lady chained by Black man:…hoto/970422001


From our ol’ pally Boudiccia! Where was he [update! she] posting from, you ask? Why from here:

Location: SC, Occupied CSA.

There’s not really anything one can say to that, except that the insurgency must be crushed, starting with the King of All Chundernozzles, Commander Munchloaf Boudiccia.


How did I miss this:

The message of this movie: the black man is the white woman’s salvation. More racemixing indoctrination. Disgusting.

The only race-mixing going on here is the irresistible force of civilization and intelligence smacking up against an emuvable object.

Somehow I am really quite sad to have run across this person. How do you rejoin/join a community of rational humans from a place like that?

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  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Our dear dear Boudiccia has finally explained the rationale for sodomy, thank goodness. I thought when I last engaged in sodomy, it was just for fun, but it turns out that my motives were much much darker:

    I am tired of sodomites and their attempts to catch and rape our children. This is the ultimate goal of their agenda and same sex marriage, rights to adopt children, partner insurance benefits, hate crime legislation, and other demands are steps to this goal. They are not gay at all, for gay is a lovely word meaning happy and jovial, but are self-loathing monsterswho hate being the degenerate beings they are and so they take it out on our children, abusing and raping them to make them into the same degenerate creatures as they are. I bet some of them members of the city government in Philedelphia are membersof NAMBLA, or why would they make demands for this Boy Scout Council to admit sodomite leaders?

  • Pinko, they cannot join the community any more than Neanderthals could.

    But the good news is, they can get competitively priced car insurance from Geico.

  • Along those lines, see this video I posted at my joint:

    Top Gear meets The True American South.

  • Is this woman like Annieangel or is she the person Annieangel wants so badly to be?

  • To all of our shame, this person represents America, as much as any other. Savagery and Stupidity mixed in one hulking, low-browed neo-confederate TV addled package.

    I have one thing to say to our Confederate Brethren and Sistren: You Lost. Get Over it already.

  • No disrespect meant to Annieangel. Other than the usual that comes from being mentioned on this here bloggo.

  • Confederate States of America.

  • “Location: SC, Occupied CSA.”

    That really puts the Jacob back in yer Creutzfeldt, don’t it.

  • That makes me want to hop in my Lincoln Town Car and honk my horn, which plays Battle Hymn of the Republic.

  • Who TP’d this blog?


    They did a great job!@

    Masterful. Masterful.

  • Hey look!

    It’s the big shot OscarBlogger Glue Birl!! Famous and Glamorous!

    what are you, slumming?

  • I like to rejoin the human race by posting witty insults about someone like that. For example:

    Did you hear that Boudiccia has a horrific tumor that causes her to say ignorant, vile things?


    Me either, but that would explain it.

    [Pause for laughter.]

  • Didn’t the O.G. Boudicca lead a revolt against the Roman forces in England? Is this person trying to express a misguided feeling of solidarity with the Iraqi insurgents?

  • >I am tired of sodomites and their attempts to catch and rape our children. This is the ultimate goal of their agenda >

    I resent that vicious slander. What kind of unmotivated, unambitious layabouts would we be if -that- were our “ultimate goal?” Ffs, that’s just -warming up.- That’s not even getting to the -eating.- Let alone the part where we TAKE OVER THE WORLD, PINKY!!! Not to mention the Sadeian mass orgies in the public square, the public disembowelment of Christians, and of course the really snazzy assless black leather uniforms with built-in electrified metal strapons and little pink triangles over each nipple (all three of ’em; enforeced extreme bodymod is also part of the Agenda, natch).

    jeez, lady. What do you take us for, anyway?

  • Geezuslouisas! Why do all the crazies in Carolina have to crawl out of the muddy clay and show themselves to the 21st century? I swear, I swear, I SWEAR that she is not representative of the vast majority of South Carolinians or the south. I swear! We try so hard to keep them down on the farm and out of the highways, let alone the public sphere. She’s probably some toothless hag living in the Dark Corners for six generations with her inbred clan ugly enough to eat watermelons through a picket fence. At least it looks like she gave up on her blog after a couple of months. She probably lost her dial-up account when the disconnected her rotary phone while she was in the outhouse or pumping her water out of the well. Ignore her! Move along! Nothing to see here! Shoo! If we can find her, we’ll lock her in her barn and set it afire.

  • By the by, “the “Dark Corner” is an area in the northern part of Greenville County, South Carolina about 150 square miles of rugged mountain country running around Glassey Mountain – from about two miles West of Gowenesville along both sides of Hwy 11, for 13 miles to old Highway 25.

    It was known in the past as an area full of outlaws and moonshiners. An area said where strangers unknowingly might go in and not return and to have rivaled the old west for its gun-fights, knife-fights, and mayhem in general.”

    It’s where highwaymen and Revolutionary and Civil War deserters hid out, and no one went unless they wanted their throats slit. Unwary rich folks from other parts of the country are moving in and building mansions and golf clubs now, so the locals are having hissyfits. Maybe that’s why they’re coming out of the woodwork.

    Oh, and she can’t even spell Boudicca right. She must have it spelled 7 ways from Sunday on her blog. They can’t help it. Stupid is in their genes.

  • trippy!

    o yeah, and thanks: i -thought- it was Boudicca, but well one doesn’t point out such spelling errors, one wants to be polite, even about raving asstains.

  • Den Nagel auf den Punkt getroffen!

  • Endlich traut sich mal jemand das zu schreiben!

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