Most Despised Professional Class

If “Republican Operative” is off the table, and elitist pundit too, we’ll go with “racist frat boy law student.” Seriously, I have become so enraged that all I can think of are torrents of offensive abuse. I mean really crude totally offensive stuff. Eliminationist stuff. Like wanting these people to suffer. These are normal feelings because these are terrible people that you can easily imagine doing great harm to those you like. I’m not gonna go there, because we’re supposed to be better than that, but I will not lie to you and say I didn’t think about any of it while reading Jill’s post. Also, there is some Althousian emuvable object logic being thrown about in regards to how this stuff really isn’t that bad. Of course the natural thing when people argue this way is “how would you feel if someone did this to you?” That is not the right way to go about this either, the right way is to just ignore Althouse while sending boxes full of dogsh*t to deserving internet board assholes.

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  • I hate to say it Pinko, because I like to just consider her a joke and laugh at her, but reading Althouse’s comments on this literally made me sick to my stomach.

    Not that I wasn’t already sick reading Jill’s post.

  • Boy, that’s really awful. And it totally gives me the creeps about the Internets. What a perfect tool for a) stupid people who just need a place to act stupid anonymously, and b) creepy people who really could take advantage of what the stupid people do and hurt someone. Stalk someone, etc. The skies the limit for creepiness on the Internet. Yikes.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I don’t know, Pinko. I think Althouse’s response is just as despicable and scornable as these lowlives at AutoAdmit. It’s all so freaking sick and really makes me nauseous. I do love how somehow, the real victim in all of this is Ann Althouse and those people at Sadly, No that used her name in mockery.

  • UC enters into this thread with a unique argument. It is suspect that Altmouse associates her being mocked at Sadly, No for her political views to women who have had pictures of their bodies posted without permission and are being denied spots at top firms they are qualified for. Rather emu, Professor. A law student at NYU has came forward an admitted her discomfort after being mocked on a certain law board site. The acts were malicious and repeated according to the bloggers words. So much that she restricts herself from public spaces for fear of being photographed for additional smear campaigns. This is more similar to a case of stalking. Said law student is being targeted on and off the Internet. Is Altmouse restricting her CNN blogging events because of what transpired at Sadly, No? Has she stepped down from her position at UW? Perhaps, since she seems to have a great deal of time to blog about herself.

    These claims are in stark contrast of each other. One is clearly an act of sexism and patriarchy, not withstanding maturity deficiencies. The other is exposing wingers for who they are. Altmouse may appear to be suffering an ego and self esteem concern with regards to who talks about her. Thereby falling rapidly into the latter category.

    Furthermore, after she posted Gavin’s e-mail in comments and the way she discussed it, it’s also suggestive of her need to hide behind a J.D. and trying to usurp power over those who she feels powerless to.

    Heal thy self, Professor.

  • For whatever reason, this made me so angry I couldn not continue to form sentences. Althouse has for lack of a better term some sort of disease. She is despicable.

  • It’s mob mentality. Anonymous, nasty “humor,” the same sort of thing you can hear on morning radio shows in cities all over this country, except that it’s not alright to use the “N” word on air. The guys who do this sort of thing are punks, they’ll grow up to be punks, just like the lawyers who run Powerline, and they’ll always have their Althouse-like sycophants. If President Bush had a blog, this is what would be on it.

  • I read Jill’s post earlier, and while it did give me a muscle cramp in my neck because I got so pissed off and tense about it, I can’t say it surprised me in the least. I mean…I know that as soon as I say this, a million people are going to jump my ass about how I’m overgeneralizing, but…if you live in America, don’t you really know, down in your heart of hearts, that most lawyers are assholes? And most doctors, too? It’s the nature of their training. It’s attractive to type-A men (aka “assholes”). Then you have the money, which attracts the greedy (aka “assholes”). Then, too, there’s the prestige that attracts climbers (aka “assholes”). Of course there are exceptions, and plenty of ’em, but I’d stand by my assertion that jerks are over-represented in the professions. And don’t even get me started about MBA programs.

  • Res, Res, Res. If it wasn’t so late, I’d respond tonight. Until tomorrow, friend.

  • No, you just notice them more. It is more the money than the profession. What is the worst is their enforcement of their sexual mores. Think of a room full of insecure alcoholics- the peer pressure for everyone to be the same, and the punishment for those that stray from desired behavior. It is all about control. The ol’ patriarchy write extra large. God these people are creepy. In the horror film, they’ll of course be isolated by the silent alien and picked off one by one.

  • Pinko is correct that money is what makes the world go around. Greed and arrogance comes in all professions, shapes and sizes. Profession has little to do with it.

  • Easy. All those guys are just pampered frat-boys who can’t shake their homoerotic crushes on Tucker Max.

  • I can’t believe these guys can’t get kicked out of their schools. No respectable employer would allow that kind of behavior, yet Penn says they have no legal recourse? Are they kidding? We’re not talking about flaming someone or monkeying around. We’re talking about sexual threats and stalking. It would seem to me that these idiots should be barred from the bar if they are found out.

    Althouse telling these women to buck up while complaining about comment thread shenannigans makes her Althouse Morrissette is more ironic than rain on your wedding day or good advice you just can’t take.

  • Brando, with the exception of Michigan, they all have Affirmative Action policies that they can apply to these students. My hunch is that the issue becomes a PR one they aren’t willing to deal with.

    I have a good friend who is legal counsel for one of these institutions. I should talk with her about it.

  • You guys, what are those audio pingbacks thingys right there? For my comment and Kathleen’s?

  • I feel better now Res, and for a change, without cluttering up someone’s comments.

  • BG, those are trackback spam. Uncanny “The Enforcer” Canadian has taken them out back and introduced them to his favorite organic solvents.

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