I Am Sad

So UC “forgot” to tell me that the Red Sox fired long time broadcaster Jerry Trupiano this year. Listening to today’s stupid pregame, you could tell they just whitewashed him from all of the highlights. He has a nice voice and provided a nice counter for slightly muppety sounding Joe Castiglione. I liked them both together, and they didn’t step on each other’s toes. The new guy is just some shmo. I am sure he is fine, but he doesn’t have a radio voice. He’s just some guy. He just sounds like some random cobag that is somebody’s pal, like he’s just doing his talk radio call in show. I am just disgusted. Sports are stupid, but having the baseball game on the radio can be delightful, because it just has a certain feel. To some that feeling is boredom, to me it is summer.

Trup, we miss ya. “LIGHT TOWER POWER MANNY RAMIREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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  • Holy crap. Yeah, the guy today isn’t thrilling me. Having just looked it up because I’d also had no idea, apparently there are 2 new guys, with Joe calling every game and the other 2 splitting sidekick duty. One(Glenn, today’s man) was a minor league game caller before working PR for the sox, the other is an ESPN guy. Now, I’ve always thought the ESPN guys were the stinkinest ever, and always mute the TV and listen to the radio. Kind of defeats the purpose when they’re on the radio, too. I still haven’t found any reason for the firing, and am less than pleased with the outcome, though I swear I heard Trupe laughing in the background while ago…

    OH CRAP, 2-run double. Nap-time. DOUBLE CRAP.

  • t-

    the reason I am super sad is that baseball is super boring, but when you have two guys (or gals) that have been in the booth together for 14 years and you know that each of them have watched a minimum of 170 games a year for probably the last 25 years for both, they also bring the history to the game- how can the new guy reminisce about even plays from last year or the evolution of certain players, or even just all the random stuff that Trupe would bring up? Also, Trupe was a MASTER punner. The whole point is the experience is lessened and you feel like they have just taken all the history books off of the shelf. I’m sure the new guy can describe what is going on on the field just fine, but that is not really what it is about. Anyone can say what just happened. I mean you get the feel about the individual umpires from guys that have been calling games for decades. It feels like they decided to take Vin Scully and replace him with some ESPN cobag.

    The new guy sounds like an affable radio show host that has some gum in his mouth. He talks to fast without really saying anything. It is a massive let down for me.

    The worst part is that they removed the Trupe call highlights from the opening. This is terrible. Did those years not happen? Even if he is not on this year, why take those off? Would you not have Most’s call of Havlicek’s steal? Light Tower Power Manny Ramirez. Sigh.

    I feel really really sad about this. I can handle change, but change for no reason other than ruining what the product kind of meant to me, I don’t think I can handle.

  • Baseball on the radio is one of life’s greatest things.

  • Believe it or not, I have a site devoted to how bad Geff is. I quoted you and linked you there, if that’s ok.


  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Oh, that is freaking sad. I’m really disapointed to hear this as well. I’m going to have plenty of late nights at work, where I will listen to the game on the radio, and the whole experience will be massively diminished. I couldn’t agree more with what PP says about what radio broadcasters actually bring to the game. I think I’ll probably watch the next few games on TV (especially Dice-K’s MLB premiere), but will report back on what I think of the new radio guys.

    In other news, iit’s F*CKING snowing in Boston. Right now. What the F*CK???!211

  • UC, this happened in February. WTF?

    How could you let me get suckered like that?

    You hate me.

  • How could you let me get suckered like that?

    You hate me.

    For feck’s sake! How can Pinks write something like that while AG is entrenched in her Passover reconstructionist period right now?! It’s just laying there and AG’s moral fiber is not allowing for comments.

    Damn you Flour/Oat/Smelt/Rye/Barley Jesus for this!

  • Damn you Flour/Oat/Smelt/Rye/Barley Jesus for this!

    Smelt? Passover requires unleavened fishes too?

  • Oh it do, pLover. It do!

    AG would love to eat some fish, but he’s not kosher for Passover.

  • Today I was in a large lunch meeting with multiple Jewish folk (among others) and there was Passover food but only one of them was eating the Passover food and the rest were eating pepperoni pizza. I stuck to the vegetarian pizzas as I don’t eat that filthy pig food, and I almost joined the lone Passover-keeper just out of solidarity but wondered at the propriety of just reaching for the matzoh box.

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