Possibly scarier than lutefisk

GhooOOoost møøØØøøse!!!!


ghost moose

Ralph the Wonder Llama’s Xtreme Møøse Codex Vol. XI — Genetic anomalies, ectoplasm, and gang warfare tells us:

Do not UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES feed ghost melon to a ghost møøse!!!1!!1! YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!1!! Even I, Ralph the Wonder Llama, fearless xtreme chronicler of all conceivable møøse related data, don’t want to know what will happen!!!!!! Those who recall the result when ghost melon is consumed by even ordinary non-ectoplasmic beings will understand the foundation of my horror!!!!one!! Am I going to have to start using words like “eldritch”?!?!

(This møøse encounter was unearthed by GrrlScientist.)

Those who want to learn some willow-fu to protect themselves from deadly moose revenants might want to look here.

23 Responses to “Possibly scarier than lutefisk”

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmmMooOOØØØØOOOOOOØØØØOOoooooooooooo……SE! So tender and young and succulent.

  • PupH vs. Snag- is it possible they could share the ghost møøses?

  • Share food? You kid! Mine all mine!

  • Ghost Moose must be delish with Ghost Ranch dressing!

  • I know through direct comparison during a traditional Norwegian banquet, the only thing scarier than lutefisk is smoked lambs head.

  • Oh. My. Gawd! It’s aDORable! And Snag is not to come within 10 miles of it.

    I bet it can levitate! I bet it moves through the foggy woods like a hovercraft.

  • I learned from a friend from Iceland that smoked lamb (pronounced smo-KED) is smoked over lamb, er, chips. Beats lutefisk hands down as one of the most revolting foodstuffs imaginable. I’m suppressing a gag reflex even as I write this comment.

  • The Colour Out of Møøse.

  • Thanks Clif. Now I have to be retroatively sick(er). I was told that the head is part of the banquet because the rest of the smoked lamb was too good (sic) to share with everybody else.

  • It looks like moose veal.

    PupH, will you agree to share it if I can find a big enough deep fryer?

  • the møøse of the l&aslash;ke, her høøves clad in shimmering l&uslash;tefisk, raised her antlers and revealed the M&eslash;lon Excalibur;

    Thus does the gløwing creature impart wisdøm- the knowledge that the Way Of The Møøse is the One True Way of Light and Life.

    Can you not hear the Møøse? She c&aslash;lls for Yøu to abandon the Emu, the Snørkel of The Pørk; the weird obsession with Take Five candy.

    O C&aslash;n&aslash;d&aslash;; O Fair Møøse! Bestow your countenance upon us amid the sounds of R&uslash;sh and banish Ghost from our Melons forevermore! Excelsiør!

  • Ack. Passion of the diacriticals. A preview would only make it worse, I suspect; Good on you for refusing to allow us to have the use of one.

  • Oddly, it’s Moosday over at Cute Overload.

  • I think that llama bit my sister.

  • Ghost Moose has screwed up the tags.

    I thought that only happened at Sadly, No!

    Sadly, No!

  • I crept through the ancient woods, where the trees gave off a queer light that was not of this Earth, and heard the unspeakable mastication, growing louder with each footstep toward the eldrich horror that certainly awaited me. Rounding a rock hewn into an obscene, non-Euclidean shape, I saw the image that drove me toward the abyss of insanity: Nyarlotomøøse, the Crawling Caribou, eating the tag that would unleash an eternity of italicized terror!


  • Ha, BP opened and closed some tags in his comment, so nothing happened.

  • Yes it’s adorable all right – in that in between two slices of bread sort of way!

  • Someone at another web site told me that would fix teh tags.

    Look, I read it on the Interwebs! It must be true.

    But I guess it doesn’t work on tags that have been hosed by the Moose from Beyond.

    So now I have been condemned to receive ridicule from Pinko. Ah, harsh judgement of the Old Ones!

    I think it is bad idea if PupH ingests Moose from the Darkness. Snag, however, would apparently be unaffected as he has been inoculated by the marble.

  • White moose on toast with mayo – food from the heartland!

  • Isn’t that a song by the Tubes?

    Young bull had a race for the night time
    Spent my cash on every high I could find
    Wasted time in every lake in MA.
    Getting loose, I didn’t care what the deer say

    We’re white moose on toast
    Mom & Dad moved outback
    Hang myself up when I get enough rack
    Can’t clean up, though I know I should
    White moose on toast
    White moose on toast

    Other moose are living in the suburbs
    But born in Montpelier don’t seem to urb

    We’re white moose on toast
    Mom & Dad live in outback
    Hang myself up when I get enough rack
    I can’t clean up, though I know I should
    White moose on toast
    White moose on toast

    I go crazy ’cause my folks are so f**king big
    Have to score when I get that big white moose itch
    Sounds real classy, living in a bog
    So lonely, all the other kids will never know

    We’re white moose on toast
    Mom & Dad live in outback
    Hang myself up when I get enough rack
    Can’t clean up, though I know I should
    White moose on toast
    White moose on toast

  • Fish, that is awesome to infinity.

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