Regarding yesterday’s descent into the under-appreciated genre of Meet the Donner Party films, I was struck by a memorable memory of driving near the Donner Pass, mentioning the Donner Party, and having Geenie Cola go “who?” Until yesterday’s thread I actually entertained the possibility that somehow the Donner Party was only mentioned in particular parts of the country, and not the universal namecheck for cannibalistic disaster known to all children. At the time of Geenie Cola’a comment, though, I actually had to ask myself if somehow this memory and its associated childhood industry were all figments of my fertile imagination. But you proved me wrong and for that you win gold stars. Also GET YOUR HEADERS IN! Contest deadline Monday or Tuesday. Right now it looks like Blue Girl will lose the overall, but she’ll probably beat Res, which is all I assume she cares about. It is not clear to me whether expected entries from plover, tigrismus and our three awesome photoshop lurkers have been received yet.

10 Responses to “Questions”

  • I’ve driven over Donner pass so many goddamm times i get hungry just thinking about it. And I believe that the majority of the 3B Commenterstazi, regardless of where they are currently living, have also lived close to, or driven over, Donner pass. I submit that the Donner pass mentality is the commonality that connects the 3 Bulls community. That, and pork.

  • You misspelled meat.

  • The beauty of cannibalism is that it puts you in pretty rare company. The Donner Party, the Chilean soccer team, Jeffrey Dahlmer…if you want a quick path to eternal infamy, just eat someone.

    Also, I wish my Photoshop skills didn’t suckity suck suck, or I would be in the contest.

  • Brando, you know that skillz do not matter. Just get a good photo of you rocking out to GH2 and MSPaint some words on it.

    Jexter may be on to something. I have driven through the pass.

  • Since Pinko has tapped into a previously undiscussed interest in the Donner Party, has anyone ever read Ordeal by Hunger? it’s a pretty amazing book.

  • I didn’t know about the Donner Party when I was a kid. I’ve also never been anywhere near Donner Pass (except possibly 30,000 feet above it, which I doubt conveys the requisite socioplasmic residue).

  • Kathleen, I would love to read stuff but I am too busy being tormented by our commenters here.

    p- you and Geenie C. must have gone to the same school district. The one in the black hole.

  • You must simply award me the victor of the header contest. Who doesn’t love fish header.

  • I have to be a sub-basement level lurker this summer, I made the near-fatal error of signing up for accelerated chemistry classes. At BU, natch, so I also have to deal with the whole measles rigmarole, too. So, no header this time around. But I have heard of the Donner party.

  • t-

    Rock out on those chemistry classes!

    You are forgiven!

    /Roger Daltrey and Pete Townsend

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