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Tuberculosis dude. This has been beaten to death elsewhere, and not that we would encourage Mr. Speaker to be beaten, btu he certainly needs to be spanked.

I note two ridiculous facts: the father in law works at the CDC on TUBERCULOSIS. And the cobag-in-question IS A PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER. I cannot think of a combination of two professions that would normally most likely prohibit extensive travel with a communicable disease, from a health/liability standpoint. What the EFF is wrong with people?

Let’s try this: father-in-law manufactures auto-crash dummies, son-in-law trauma surgeon for car crash victims:encouraging people that seat belts are overrated.

father-in-law works at a blood bank, son-in-law has hepatitis C:giving blood

I know there are more idiotic ones out there, but I am pressed for effort.

Dad had to have told him that he could travel. There is just no way that a CDC scientist WHO IS THE FATHER OF THE FRICKIN BRIDE would not say anything about his FUTURE SON-IN-LAW SQUIRTING TUBERCULOSIS ALL OVER GOD’S GREEN EARTH unless he thought it was no big woop. A-hole. Hey maybe junior can sue 3B bulls for libeling his daddio, maybe we can get a front row seat of idiocy, or more likely condescending honesty/arrogance of people that know better trying to break rules because of their own selfishness.

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  • Double-stupid update!!! Must credit, uh, me!!!1!

    He recorded the conversation where he was told he was OK to fly, just in case he happened to run into trouble later, like maybe infecting a bunch of people with drug-resistant TB.

    Dude, you’ve got a highly contagious and communicable respiratory disease. Anyone who tells you that you can get on an airplane shouldn’t be trusted. A personal injury lawyer, you’d think, might want to hedge their bets on a declaration like that.

  • this is insane:
    He had been diagnosed with multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis. But, he was told, final test results found he had an even more rare, extensively drug-resistant form, known as XDR-TB.

    Officials told him him not to take commercial aircraft home, he said on “Good Morning America.”

    “I said, ‘What changed?” Speaker related. “When I left I was told I wasn’t a threat to anyone. When I left I was told I wasn’t contagious, what changed? Why are you abandoning me like this and expecting me to turn myself over for an indefinite time. What has changed?’ And they did not have an answer for that.”

    WHAT CHANGED?! how about the part where you have “an even more rare, extensively drug-resistant form” and were told not to fly. What an asshole. (sorry AG) chunder-whatever just doesn’t say it.

  • Man, our borders are secure. Secure like a Bush twin.

  • The “Friday News Roundup” short-bus discussed this on Diane Rehm this morning. Their take was “well it’s not like he was really sick or coughing or anything”. My feeling is that degree of illness is irrelevant, as is the strain of TB (regular vs. Super Scary XtremeDR). People who tuberculosis have no business on a commercial flight. I mean, people, T effin’ B! It’s the infectious disease that made infectious diseases cool!

    Let me just add my 100% certainty that if this guy had been non-white, the media response would be completely different.

  • RP- that is 100% correct- he would have never gotten the tearful interview, and he’d probably still be in Canada.

  • I was at first willing to cut him some slack, if only because I imagine finding out you have a potentially fatal rare disease does mess with your judgment a tad. But the more I found out about him and his family, the more I had the same reaction Pinko had. Did he really think he was just going to be left to rot in Italy like a leper? And how can you not force someone from taking a commercial flight if they have TB? You can get on a no-fly list if you have the same name as a suspected terrorist trying to obtain WMD, yet if you’re patient zero, it’s “Welcome aboard! We can’t stop you from boarding, so we invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy freaking out the other passengers. Our in-flight movie today is Outbreak.”

  • This story is so ridiculous that Bossy gives it two assholes up with a big “Wha???”

  • And here I come to 3B to escape from wall-to-wall 24/7 CNN coverage of TB Dude and what do I find? TB Dude! Garrgh! It’s worse than Natalie Holloway.

    I suppose the good news is that this constant coverage of TB Dude must mean that either the War in Iraq is over or, at least, that no soldiers are dying over there.

  • Poor Clif, it’s true. I love that they are saying his marriage doesn’t exist as being some sinister plot instead of they screwed up the paperwork/didn’t get it done. Reminds me of Whitewater.

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