When Life Imitates 3Bulls!

lifeor 3bulls!?

An officer called the police agency that made the computer entry, talked with the Columbia Police Department in Wisconsin and learned the entry should have read that the license plate had been stolen if it was on any vehicle that isn’t a giant hot dog.

The Wienermobile — with a Wisconsin license plate reading “YUMMY” — was allowed to go about its business.

7 Responses to “When Life Imitates 3Bulls!”

  • Come on people! Do you know how many times I had to push refresh before I got the wienermobile header screen capture?

  • That wasn’t on there before!

    I think everybody has gone home, tomorrow will be a glorious day in 3B history!

  • Maybe we should have an entry on whether the wienermobile is delicious or disgusting. I’m leaning toward disgusting, as it’s merely a giant fiberglass non-pork-containing simulacrum of the second porkiest food product, “ambiguously edible” category. Could the plate still be in violation as false advertising?

  • I think you should tag teh Wienermobile with a GPS transmitter, so you can have an auto-updating map on the site indicating where the Wienermobile is on any given day.

    Sure, it involves some amount of tech and a certain amount of skullduggery, but if the Bullsies can’t do it, who can?

  • Alas, I think that it would also require “full ass.”

  • That would be one point zero assed. Can we just come up with LOLcat taglines for the Weinermobile instead? That’d be perfectly assy.

  • ZOMG! When S,N! imitates life imitating 3Bulls!! Recursing recursion!

    Another question is whether teh international Muslim doKKKtor conspiratorzz drive to work in Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles. …That very well could be.

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