Cobagitation About Town

What you may not have known is that Chuckles and I decided to have a cobagitation session around our nation’s Capital, in honor of Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his environmental work along with the IPCC.  As you may of may not know, there are several stink tanks in DC where strange looking little white men pontificate about increasingly stupid assertions, while cavorting in a gigantic tub of oil money.

Such think tanks include the CEI, the creative and valueless super geniuses who bring us this steaming pile (more here):

Clif has covered a large spectrum of these chumps here.  Chuckwagon and I decided a more direct, and less mature approach was in order.

Oh Noes! Did somebody visit the CEI????


Sadly, we supported the Washington Post, who seem to subscribe to the CEI You Tube page we linked above. We might as well have just bought the Washington Times instead. Therefore, we decided to be more direct with our feelings.


I will admit I expected more bling from the CEI than an unmarked office suite in a big building. You know, like an eternal burning flame spurting from a giant metal penis made from rare alloys strip mined from endangered rain forest. Perhaps that is phase II? We decided there were bigger fish to fry, so we moved up the alphabet, past BEI (Beanie Weenie EI?) to AEI. This is the Varsity EI. The E-I-E-I-Oh we’re f***d EI. They actually have a logo outside, plus a sadly overzealous security guard, guarding their sidewalk on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Maybe Wolfowitz was upstairs playing Minesweeper or something? Anyhow, apparently the following is unacceptable:


I’m not too worried about getting waterboarded, because I’ve got friends in high places:


Or maybe I should worry, I went to public schools in a state where the former Governor thought that his idea of bold leadership of a Govt. Dept. would be this:


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