Just the Right Tone

One of my fave classes of internet denizen is the cluck clucking childlike world views with zero empathetic response that like to troll websites like the Consumerist telling people it is their own faults for letting their kids play with toys made out of lead or getting burned by 900 degree coffee, or that they read and understood their mortgage agreements so why can’t everyone else? Anyhow, this type was rockin’ a Salt Lake Trib story about (Big) Bro inevitably tasing some poor chump. Best part was the comments:


Debby was clearly does-ing the board over and over, even discussing the victims parents (it’s a small state), but she got nailed with that certain je ne sais quoi I do love. Thanks, Pandano57!

Oh, the whole things on video, if you love your state troopers stormy, dial it up!

First saw the story of the Don(u)t Tase(ing) (Me) Bro at the Digberonis.

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  • Screenshotto no workie. Please to not use tiff!

  • so you guys never read arthur silber? really?

    he’s a better writer than Somerby and makes you feel even more depressed.

  • We are so effed in the cornhole. I mean really, these chumploaf scientists roll out all these crazy weapons, and the chumploaf politicians assure us that these will ONLY EVER be used to fight the urgent War on Drugs/Terror/Porn/Whatever. Then a chumploaf cop pulls you over for an expired inspections sticker and fucking ELECTROCUTES you, and everyone’s like “well next time, keep your inspection sticker current!”. I heard a story this week about some police department that’s field testing a device that releases a short, targeted pulse of radiation that fries all the electronics in your car, causing the motor to stop. Hey, only criminals would ever flee the brutal enforcers of the state, right? Jefferson must be spinning in his grave…because if the day ever comes when this government is so tyrannical that we want to replace it (and let’s recall that the right of the people to do just that is the basic premise of the Declaration of Independence), we couldn’t. Their monopoly on force is overwhelming.

    Sorry for the spelling errors. My tinfoil hat causes problems in that area sometimes.

  • I was talking with a friend who was disagreeing with the premise of a news story about an immigrant being deported after many years resident because of his felony conviction. He said “he’s a felon, I’m liberal, but shouldn’t these be the people we are deporting. Why am I supposed to be agaisnt this?” But the thing is, look at the over-felonization of crime. “Felony” used to be a serious crime, but so many crimes are felonies, and the consequences can be so serious. And then people are like “He’s a felon, of course he shouldn’t be able to vote, or drink alcohol, or associate with other felons, or hold down 95% of jobs. And on an unrelated note, why is our country so fucked up?”

    anyway, this rant relates to this thread in my mind.

  • Mine too, Kathleen. I mean what ISN’T illegal anymore? Shopping, that’s what. Again, I think the founders must be spinning in their graves. The concept of “unenumerated rights” has been utterly discarded in favor of an implicit view that everything is illegal except those few activities explicitly permitted by the Safety State.

  • Holy crap, the article says the cop could’ve just written “refused to sign” on the ticket, and that would have served just as well. Unless the driver was physically threatening the cop, there was no reason to taser him – the cop got pissed and lost it. Anyone with such poor judgement/poor impulse control shouldn’t be a cop, much less be given equipment with which he can hurt others.

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