3B has contracted a serious case of Ombudspersonpants. The primary source of Ombudspersonpants will be Mendacious D (mendaciousd at gmail dot com). However, since ombudspersonpants can be completely insane, we shall have a double ombudspersonpants for Mendacious D, and this will be in the form of the Doom of Mandos. All criticisms and complaints about 3B are to be directed to Mendacious D who will treat them anonymously. If you would prefer you comments to be brazenly out in the open, fearing no retribution from our deeply shallow and defensive security staff, you may leave them here. On the occasion that we receive any comments, Mendacious D will, in this space, I propose, address dear reader concerns. In turn, Mandos shall turn his bloghammer upon us all in response to what will indubitably be hilarious house organ but unsatisfactory ombudspersonpants from Men D. Billy Pilgrim shall act as tertiary ombudspersonpants, however he has postponed his first column.

For example: if Atrios wants to complain about us calling him orange or whatever, or not linking to him, or posting about what he wants, this is his chance. If Aravosis wants to complain about the fact that we claim he smells like a lanolin-soaked Chrysler New Yorker, this is his chance. If you hate us, this is your chance. I can’t wait for DA’s 50 page screed.

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