A Moment

I lose my shit when I read stuff like this. AS 3B readers know, we have an affection for dogs around here. We however do not have an affection for cobagz that do not handle their cobag dogs. You do not have a right to own an out of control dog. Period. I have seen people walking dogs they cannot control. I have read stories of stray dogs attacking and killing lovable cats named Waffles. And now I have to read about a delightful child having her face mauled because someone owns a dog they can’t control. I have no tolerance for this. Owning this kind of dog is like driving drunk every single day. “Faultless” though the dog may be, it needs to be put down, or at the minimum removed from that home forever. I would prefer lashes for the owner in addition to forcefully dealing with the animal. We are talking about the possibility of a child being scarred for life, and it is just horrible. All of our thoughts are with BOSSY and family right now.

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