World Premiere

The Theme Song that rocked the bake off and America’s hearts. I only wish I could watch this movie with Brando. Besides Smokey Dog looking so handsome, James Woods looks so young. It was a different era in Holiday Bake Off mastery.

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  • Phil Collins: Musical Weapon of Mass Destruction

  • Oh sweet Cookie Jesus. Tears in my eyes with laughter. The appearance of the full-bodied red track suit was almost Blair-Witchian the way it was filmed.

    I only wish I could have made a cameo pounding the drum parts on the Rock Band toy drum kit.

    Even the Priest have no answer to that. My head has been rolled.

  • almost Blair-Witchian


    The full-on red track suit was such sweet sadness.

    And so was the very tender moment with the bacon.

  • I have seen the face of god.

  • You know, I found little red fibers in some of the cookies… now I know why.

    Excellent video Pinko. I laughed, I cried, I even sampled some of the goods while watching them be prepared.

    Why didn’t you include those two little muffiny puffs of doginess in your entry?

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I’m coughing back the tears just long enough so I can ask you one question. Did little smoke dog ever get that bacon? I just need to know. *sniff*

  • I noticed that only one of the asses featured in that video was covered by the traditional red track suit. I am glad to see that even when obviously going full-assed on the Bake-Off entry, this blog retains an aggressively level of half-assedness in all other entries. I should ask the ombudspersonpants whether I should expect a lack-assedness in some other arena to compensate for the full-assed effort in the Bake-Off. After all, if this blog does not have its in jokes (which strangely require a full-assed effort to understand and employ), what does it have? Other than obtuse language, obscure insults and the quote board (which has me silently laughing my head off in the office at one of MY OWN quotes)?

    I suppose any decent ombudspersonpants would point out the complete lack of assedness in Monday Goldberg Theater (which was left at a cliffhanger worthy of BSG) and then calmly state that said lack-assedness makes up for any three full-assed efforts in any arena.

  • I saw on Drudge that MGT blew up after Starbuck dropped out to go be a Bionic Woman.

  • which has me silently laughing my head off in the office at one of MY OWN quotes

    I will neither confirm nor deny such activities, and emphatically state that if such a thing *were* done in my office it most certainly does NOT occur ten times a day, and I’ll thank you sir to mind your own business.

  • It really brings out the heretofore unfulfilled poignancy of the electric mixer.

  • Well, I sacrificed one mixer to my cookie’s eternal and horrifyingly glorious Master, plover, so that is indeed a fitting ode.

    Kathleen just said that she thinks I’m funny. I’d blush if I could.

  • I’d blush if I could.

    I hear that is a symptom of being filled with cold, dead tentacles.

  • In a world gone mad, you have gone madder.

    If there was a Nobel Prize for Bake-Off videos, and there should be, this and Blue Girl’s video would run arm in arm up the red carpet to claim their medals.

  • I should get a biotheurgist to check out my tentacles.

    What the hell is up with these crazy effing trackbacks?

  • Two thumbs and fifteen dog paws up!

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