Finally- This is What We Were Waiting For?

A month’s long torture has finally come to an end . It was a month filled with trepidation, fear and paranoia. Finally, the only emotion left is relief. Relief at being done with an arbitrary process knowing no rhyme or reason save filling one with disgust and putting one off one’s appetite. GC and I have been waiting patiently to determine if our hard work would be rendered null and void by fate, or perhaps our own bad decisions, or the decision of some self-appointed God to decide. For over a month we have been put through the wringer as a nefarious bolus wormed its way through the moist and crap filled inner workings of a weird hybrid, crawling through its bowels like a mindless wad of filth. Each day, no several times each day we would wade through the sewer to determine if there would be a result, and each day we’d be denied. In the end we’d almost forgotten about the whole enterprise. The holidays are LONG gone, and the effort expended turned into a dull complacency. Well, today we finally got the results. Results that I would consider to actually be legitimate- way more legitimate than some ad hoc committee coming together, these were the results of a professional machine, one that cannot be doubted.

It’s over.


I never want to go through that again.

I can at least say I have the same amount of respect for some people that I’ve always had. In effect, this event hasn’t changed my feelings toward anyone, really. I think deep down, I’ve always felt a certain way about some people, and nothing they say can really change that.

I’m gonna put the rest below the fold because I don’t want to offend anyone, nor do I want anyone to be disgusted by this expose of sickening bowels.

Poopasocka 2007 has finally ended.

Wait, what did you think I was talking about????

Pugsley LOVES to chew on socks, and he secretly ate the grey toe off a Pinko Hanes spesh the week before Christmas. We had no idea what was going to happen, and we were nervous about a blockage. He kept pooping so there didn’t seem to be a problem. We however did not see evidence of Poopasocka, and we didn’t feel like cotton would be digestible, so we expected SOMETHING to happen. We would joke about Poopasocka, and how we’d celebrate it’s final arrival, as if it were like getting a prize. Well, this morning, I shat you not (well, I do shat you, because Pugsley has finally shatted). What we all assumed would be Poopasocka 2007 turned out to be Poopasocka 2008! I love you, little guy, and I’m glad you are OK. I’m sorry you had to go through this. I will treasure this little pooped out sock.

I got so caught up in Poopasocka, I have no other comments on the news of the day. I wonder if Met A. Phor has anything to say about this??????????

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