I’ve Got Nothing

Or do I? Bought it, and so should you. Consider it an easy way to toss the Editors a few measly dollars or so. Remind yourself of the parchment paladins. Some good stuff, good memories. No, Airworlf doesn’t have a missile launcher pointed at my sexy chex mix, why do you ask?

Not even appropriate to anything, UC post about Devotchka on Song of the Day, and I thought I would add this vid of my current fave from them, “We’re Leaving.” You’re lucky it’s just only a decent You Tuber of a live show, because if it were the studio track your minds would be blown. Of course it this song entered the Cookie contest, it would lose to something like “How Do I Live” from C(l)on Air(e).

Eat it, chundernozzles!!!!

Seriously, you should instantly weep at the thought of the version that is 300 percent better than this already awesome take, and know the love and loss of the chocolate hammer.

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  • The reviews are in:

    THE definitive treatise on Liberal Fascism

    [Six stars]

    24 Jan 2008
    by Major Woody
    If you are seeking a serious, fact-filled tome on the phenomenon of Liberal Fascism in today’s post-9/11 world, look no further! The Editors have produced a masterpiece replete with carefully-researched citations, philosophical insights, and the razor-sharp logic we have come to expect from their previous body of work. The Editors build a profound and convincing argument as to the nature of Liberalism, Fascism, and Liberal Fascism, interpreting, synthesizing, and extending the work of such luminaries as Plato, Marx, Engels, Nietzche, Kirkegaard, and myriad other leading intellectuals and philosophers.

    The tireless labor of the modern conservative movement to stem the tide of the Left’s assault on all that has been achieved since 9/11 is chronicled. In particular, the book focuses on the efforts of the right-wing blogosphere to educate and correct the lies and distortions of the Main Stream Media (MSM), and to support the wise and benevolent policies of the current administration. If you liked Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism”, then The Editors take on this subject is a must-read.

  • is the chocolate hammer what pounds on your head the morning after getting drunk on Godiva liqueur?

    not that I have ever done that because that would be very disgusting.

  • When is the Three Bulls book coming out?

    Also, did The Editors explain anything about being away and/or vanquishing the old Poor Man to another dimension?

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