Call In the Strategic Air Command

T-Odd just cut open a durian fruit in public. Holy crap. This is the first thing that has been off the grid RE: Delicious and Disgusting

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  • I vote disgusting. And I can say that after 4 years years of living in Singapore. Anything you are not allowed to bring onto a bus or subway is truly disgusting.

  • I sampled a durian drink at Jayakarta. We had to put in on a neighboring table til it could be cleared away. It was so nastee that we couldn’t even have it sitting on our table.

    Jayakarta is awesome!! recommend.

  • It was the “fresh frozen” gobbed fruit in a bag, and yourpirateoverlord had a taste. She said it tasted do bad that she can’t eat Mango Hi-Chew anymore. Like it had this weird ability to make other, delicious things disgusting!

  • Pinko, it really does! And please warn yourpirateloverlord that it will repeat on her for at least a week. I feel bad for her!

  • It probably just needed to ripen a little more.

  • I had durian cream-filled sandwich cookies once and they were scrummilicious. Of course, they didn’t smell bad at all, so the durian quotient was probably pretty low.

  • I had a durian shake once. It tasted like a sweet onion shake. It wasn’t horrible, but not the heavenly experience that durian-lovers rave about. I suspect that durians come in varying qualities.

  • Travel and food writer Richard Sterling says:
    “ … its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.”

    That. Is. Awesome.

  • You rob yourself of the full assault of the fruit by buying the frozen version.

    The fresh fruit I encountered bore a striking resemblance to a vogon spaceship, and smelled of esters, ethers, and a huge variety of volatile sulphurs. It did not immediately register as food. Eaten “ripe” they have an even more overpowering affect, and I think a lot more of the essence of the fruit. I liken it to the best kindergarten paste you ever ate, ever. Judging the fruit from the frozen version is like eating canned pineapple and judging the fruit. As much as I like it, a little goes a very very long way, as do most of the people in the room when you open one up.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I’m curious …. but scared.

  • As long as I keep that painting of a durian (hermetically sealed in plastic) in my attic, I can open and enjoy the fruit without fear of the odor.

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