I think 3B shall emulate them.

I will start.

Pretend you cannot even read what I am writing because I am using invisible ink and remove yourself to the shabby Hamptons, backwater for decrepit local trash. You have not even received this edition of the Times. This post is printed in a special edition of the Times that behaves as if you don’t exist, but everything we cover is of deep importance. Your yacht does not even have a helicopter. Also, Balenciaga, b*****!

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  • I love how “journalism” is now described as talking some trash about some dudes family and then whining about it when you get called on it, especially when all you do is play some stupid game about ridiculous, ugly clothes that perpetuate unhealthy body images.

    THe A-man should have just shit in a box and sent airmail.

  • What I really love about you is your integrity as a blogger. You don’t let the possibility of being banned from Americablog (2.0!) deter you from plucking emu feathers from a preening John A. I had a chance to attend the show over at Americablog (2.0!) this morning, and while Chris in Paris had a few relevant creations, none of the posts had any real edginess or poisson vive. Are you headed to Compton? You will always have Compton…

  • Our smashing spring line of flannel is sure to be the rage, accessorized as always with a witty collection of tin foil geegaws. You, however, shan’t be invited, having brought discredit upon the fashion industry with your flippant approach to these questions of intergalactic importance.

  • Boo hoo.

    So you were snubbed by a has-been. How ungratious of him. How ungratious of you to report the snub. Journalists have no rights. Journalists aren’t a privileged class. If A-list blogs wants to be covered– and not by you– so be it. If others want to cite your lack of attendance, that’s their observation. I think Atrios is on stage, not you.

    Your observations may be keen, but this is your only value in this context. If Atrios is washed up, then we’ll find out about it. My personal observation, which no one cares about: he’s done and certainly yesterday’s news.

    You adopt the Duncan Black’s organization’s churlishness by reporting theirs. It’s droll, and not professional. Instead of rising above it, you’re wearing it. How droll.

  • I would like to comment that the above commenter wears the badge of hypocrisy as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if the above commenter were not reveling in your predicament due to personal attachments to other lines and designers I’m certain you so rightly chastised for inevitable tiredness. The entire affair is deeply fatiguing and I find my enjoyment of Fashion Week has been sapped. I declare that we must all see restorative measures in the face of such common cynicism!

  • I scowled so hard I sprained my frontalis. Won’t anyone think of the kittens? And by that I mean me.

  • Well! My goodness gracious! This seems a bit overblown, I mean really, Pinko notwithstanding is it good business for Americablog 2.0 to throw out THREE BULLS? I guess that in itself adds to the drama. Well, as my friend says, “anon.” I come here because it is real journalism, neither fashionista fluff nor catty commentary. I’ll gladly miss hearing about a show when the people involved can’t take the heat.

    To add salt to the wounds of the kitchen involved (sounds like an addition to The New Yorker’s “Block that Metaphor” department!) I’ll talk a bit about Loïc Prigent’s docu on Snag & Louis Vuitton.
    Brooksie, thanks so much for reminding us that it was on Sundance! I had turned off my satellite for February, I thought why pay for something I’m not going to watch (I’d tried to support The Daily Show and The Colbert Report without their writers, but the guests who would cross the picket line were just egregious. And TCM, which always has something for me, plays their Greatest Oscar Hits in February so I’ve seen them all before.) But I dutifully turned the dang thing on and even added the movies channel to get Sundance, all for Snag. 😉 I watched it today and I loved it — well, I loved watching it, as a documentary I had some quibbles, but it’s mostly in the realm of a generation gap –> lots of music videography and effects, like a purple stream of what I must name “la poussière féerique” which popped up now and again.

    I was worried in the first five minutes when C. Trollypants called Snag “the inventor of grunge” which would surprise a few friends of mine, but other than that it seemed pretty factual and above board. I enjoyed watching the design process, especially since I think I spotted one of my own muses, Blythe, on the inspiration board (as well as fashion magazines like Dolly Dolly from Japan, with the Super Dollfies with floral headpieces inspiring those of the LV show (Spring ‘07 correct?) Loved watching him talk to the great and always inspirational Yayoi Kusama! I was fascinated to see that he made so many of the runway looks in soooooo many colorways, and then decided what to send out right at the end! The hallway filled with a rainbow of shoes made my mouth water! And needless to say I enjoyed all the fashion shows they presented. All in all a fun, behind the scenes look at both a beheamoth of a company (LV) and a smaller company who has a family atmosphere for 25 years now (Sg.) Oh, and if anyone at Bfld. is reading this, after seeing Snag drink his goji and mangosteen (yeah, I tried that too but I can’t handle juices) I want to tell y’all that I just learned you can put your acidophilus powder in some warm water and then the neti pot/nasal douche. It clears your sinuses from all manner of city pollution (and pollens.) Fabulous!

  • I am a wonder. Stupid NY Times. Stupid internets. Stupid world.

  • but what does everyone think about Carolina Herrera?!

  • I wonder if Burberry will feature checked fabric???????????????

  • You had me at neti pot/nasal douche. Oh wait, that was at the end.

  • looks like someone had a bit too much bleu cheese with their whine and is now gassing it up due to lactose intolerance and food poisoning

  • I’ve been commenting on Three Bulls since its Blogspot days, back when Pinko Punko was just learning how to not make sense. What I’ve admired about his work since those simple days is, no matter how delightfully obtuse his work becomes, it always comes back to pork, emus, and cobags. I was saying to my friends, Duncan (Black) and Daily (Kos), “Boys, that’s what you should be doing. To hell with this Frist! stuff and trying to alter the national political discourse by millimeters. You should be blogging about candies that can wipe out whole ecosystems.”

    But they didn’t listen. They don’t understand me the way Josh (Marshall) and Sadly (No!) do.

    However, their reactions were not nearly as absurd as that of John (Ara-etc.). When I even mentioned the name Three Bulls, he began sputtering and hopping up and down on one foot–in a delightful pair of Kenneth Cole Oxfords he purchased with his student loan money. And I asked him, “Darling, whatever is the matter?” And all he could do was froth with rage, which he got all over my new Banana Republic merino wool v-neck sweater. Then he had the nerve to ask me for a donation! Needless to say I am through with him.

  • You Liberal Fashiosts with your beige and blobby blogswarms. Not chic, people. Not chic.

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