Eclipse LiveBlogging!

There is to be a full lunar eclipse tonight at 10pm ET. To our knowledge there has never a liveblog of an eclipse, so as is so often the case at 3B, we’ll be breaking new ground tonight……

7:43 PM  Discovered eclipse was happening tonight by reading AP article Best line:


Unlike solar eclipses, which require protective eyewear, lunar eclipses are safe to view with the naked eye.

9:05 PM   Stepped outside, found moon. It was in the sky. Lots of clouds too. 

9:14    Children/wife all asleep or nearly so. Must decide whether to wake them up for eclipse or let them sleep. Efforts to fire up family for previous eclipses have been met with stinging rebuke, so on this fairly cloudy night, probably best to not push too hard.

9:27   Wife wakes up from nap, learns of eclipse, shrugs.

10:00   Checked outside. Moon still there. Clouds too. So far eclipse is BS.

10:13   Coulds clear, lower left 3/8 of moon is enshadowed. Eclipse no longer BS.

10:16   Wife watching recently-dvr-ed Supernanny (9pm Wed, ABC). Wilson of Wilson-Phillips is celebrity family this week. Attempt to show wife eclipse. Takes much prodding to get her off couch.

10:18   Fight with wife over whether to wake the kids. RR loses.

10:21   Eclipse is total! Moon completely non-visible. Amazing. The stupid idiots in the mainstream media said the moon wouldn’t be totally covered and they were proven wrong again. Ha ha ha ha ha.

10:22 Damn, turns out it just a giant-ass cloud covering the moon. Guess it never disappeared completely after all. Sorry mainstream media – my bad for doubting you!

10:24    Resolve to tell kids eclipse was awesome, they totally missed out, and it’s 2 years till the next one. Also resolve to tell kids story of how Columbus leveraged an eclipse and his civilization’s higher level of rational thought and science to snooker mystical Indians out of fud (aka food).

10:25   Reflect upon how lucky kids are to live in RR household.

10:26  Bitten by mosquito

10:27  Clouds clear out, moon about 3/4 shadowy. Orange-y Awesome.  Saturn visible. Despite recent LASIK surgery, I cannot see all of Saturn’s rings. Total BS.

10:30  It would be eerily dark outside right now were it not for my laptop. And Supernanny.

10:34  Looks like peak coverage. The entire left 7/8 of the moon is shadowy/orangy. You can see the whole moon, but only the 1/8 on the right is bright. If you didn’t know what was going on and just looked up quick, you’d at first think it was a farily new crescent moon. But only for a second. 

10:41  Very painful mosquito bite

10:45 The moon started to come back, then got shadowed again. WTF?

10:47  Mosquitos bite frequency and intensity increasing.

10:50  Eclipse only scheduled for one hour, but still going strong 50 minutes in. Maybe we’ll get more than we bargained for.

10:54   Read some awesome eclipse commentary on Ron Paul Forums

10:57   Wife steps outside, says wow, eclipse is almost total. And she’s right. Somehow even less than 1/8 of the moon is visible. Yet the eclipse is supposed to be almost over. WTF??

11:00   I misread the article where is says the eclipse would last an hour. The total eclipse phase would last an hour, not the entire eclipse. So we’re still going strong.

11:02  The Earth’s rotation is killing me, as the moon is disappearing behind a plam tree leaf. Further viewing will require me to move my chair. Damn.

11:05 Let’s call it an eclipse. I’m not moving my chair, or standing up. And clouds are rolling in, and mosquitos are gettin’ me, plus it’s dropped down to nearly 66 degrees. I think we can safely assume that the moon will return.

11:13  Cloud clearance confirms that moon is indeed coming back. About 2/3 covered now. Random Randroid out.


Well, I know this wasn’t the best liveblogging effort ever, but I achieved my goal of being the first ever to liveblog an eclipse, plus this will help me meet my minimum posting requirements to remain a member in good standing of 3B.


Good night all, and please remember to vote for Ron Paul. rEVOLution 08!!

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  • Oh sh*t. What did I saw I would give you if you posted? I forgot. This counts as one. A hilarious one at that. I am actually still in shock. I like how the wife just waltzed out and bathed in the awesomeness of the eclipse while you had to fight off exposure to the elements and creatures of the night.

  • The Committee For the Purity of Live Blogging would like to point out that live blogging is constantly updating one’s post with new updates, not posting a single post at the conclusion of the event. NY Law Firm will be in touch.

  • I am going to live comment the eclipse from the West Coast.

  • Stepping outside to see if I can see the moon.

  • I’M ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT!!!!!!!!!

  • Moon is visible – eclipse appears over. Moon returning to pursue its own rational self-interest.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    OMG, this was an awesome post. I love the non-live live blogging and the Kathleen live commenting.

    The eclipse is over here, but in Boston it was phenomenal – great clear night, and great positioning in the sky. I followed the eclipsing from lab, where we could see the moon disappearing by the minute, but couldn’t see the colours. At about 9:50 PM, I went outside to watch the last ten minutes of the eclipsing before it was fully eclipsed. Absolutely amazing! The moon was a very rusty red – darker and more rock-like than the 2004 world series eclipse. Once in a full eclipse, the whitish glow spread over the entire moon, rather than just the waning portion.

    I don’t know what the temperature was like before the eclipse, but it was fracking freezing during the full eclipse. I swear, we need moonshine for heat.

  • Heh. I can’t believe the Earth infringed on the moon’s property rights.

  • We still have a turtle in front of the moon here. It appears to be frozen in place BECAUSE IT’S NOT 66 DEGREES HERE AND WILL NEVER BE AGAIN!!!!!!!!

  • Plam trees are so cool.

    Way cooler than a dumb eclipse.

  • My apologies to the community. Sadly, I have never liveblogged before and took a very risk averse approach. I’ll work on it

    Kathleen – props for the self-interest comment

    Pinko Punko – thanks for the propety rights perspective

    Blue girl – I used to think plam trees were cool til one got in the way of my eclipse viewing. I’m gonna cut it down and get a palm tree instead – much smaller leaves.

  • We had absolutely no cloud cover… the only good thing about this frigid weather… it was so clear, I could see for thousands of miles in all directions. I would have been able to see more if it weren’t for someone’s damn plam trees blocking the view.

    The eclipse was awesome.

  • I was encouraged to go outside and witness the eclipse. But the encouragement came from someone who lives where it was not about five degrees outside during the eclipse, so the encouragement was ignored.

    And the Lakers were on TV.

  • When I was about 12, my father woke up my cousin and I at 2 AM to watch a partial lunar eclipse. He went on and on about the amazing spectacle a lunar eclipse is, the colors, the stars we would see, etc. After about 2 hours of sitting in a lawn chair getting eaten by mosquitoes, squinting and trying to determine if anything had actually changed, we went inside thinking he was A) crazy and B) probably had the wrong date/time. On the plus side, in the morning we had pancakes.

    My father did call me to remind me of the lunar eclipse last night, so I did peak out at ~10:45 and was impressed by what appeared to be a crescent moon. So I think the answer was B (although that doesn’t rule out A as well).

    Quite frankly, if you’ve ever seen a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse is bound to be a gigantic disappointment.

  • I had a spectacular view, aside from the bone crushing cold.

  • i agree with crusty dem.

    solar pwns lunar any day of the week

  • Quite frankly, if you’ve ever seen a solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse is bound to be a gigantic disappointment.

    If you’ve ever seen one, you’re probably blind. 🙂

    I still think it was awesome and thank the bone-crushing cold for the clear view. The bone-crushing cold, however, may leave now and it can take its freakin’ iceberg monstrosities with it.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    My bones are crushed, but it was still worth it. I think the ability to stare at a moon while it is eclipsing is unprecedented. Like Jennifer, solar eclipses frighten my retina.

  • Once upon a time I was shining above
    But now I appear red as a dune
    There’s nothing I can do
    Total eclipse of the moon!
    Once upon a time there was light on my surface
    But now there’s only love in the dark
    Nothing I can say (being the moon)
    Total eclipse of the moon!

  • Once upon a time I was shining above
    But now I appear red as a dune
    There’s nothing I can do
    Total eclipse of the moon!
    Once upon a time there was light on my surface
    But now there’s only love in the dark
    Nothing I can say (being the moon)
    Total eclipse of the moon!

  • it was so good it needed to be posted twice!!

  • The total lunar eclipse on Jan 21, 2000 was way better than last night’s total lunar eclipse. The one in 2000 had a Gamma of -0.2957. Last night’s Gamma was LAME. And don’t even get me started on its Prenumbral Magnitude.

  • Kathleen, that was the refrain reprise.

    Also, I see how it is with BG. Ouch.

  • BG channelling Pitchfork.

  • Next I will watch my paint dry, then a terrific afternoon of watching the grass not grow.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    So true, Kathleen. All the cool indie kids know that a great lunar eclipse hasn’t happened since 2000, and all attempts since then are derivative and uninspired.

  • Actually, someone should look into that- Snagwagon?

  • Maybe BP’s been sucked up by lame Gamma rays.

    We need him & AG back.


  • “Stat” is a medical term.

    Don’t want to confuse anyone.

  • I hope the Grapefruit Chupacabra didn’t get him.

    With so much snow and winter it’s easy to let your guard down to citrus.

  • stormcommander Senior Member

    Yah, it’s all orangy
    Maybe this is a sign of McCain’s campaign… fading away… lol =o

    “Ron Paul is one of the outstanding leaders fighting for a stronger national defense. As a former Air Force officer, he knows well the needs of our armed forces, and he always puts them first. We need to keep him fighting for our country.”
    – U.S. President Ronald Reagan

    Funnier than all the comments so far, even Mandos’s kareoke posts.

  • LEK:
    Cool – a shadow is creeping across it…how poignent.

    Poignent, indeed, but perhaps even poignant?

    Its so cool to see how the moon is suspended in space. A perfect sphere being held up by nothing. God sure knows how to show his creation! A dark orange ball in 3D.

    Nothing I could say could possibly perform due diligence to your intelligence, virginiakid.

  • God sure knows how to show his creation!

    hmmm. I seem to recall that the moon is not visible more than half the time. I guess that is part of God’s cleverness as well.

  • Wow, you guys are ANIMALS!

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