Z*** M****** of Logan, UT is a Cobag

I’m not being judgmental, I’m advising society that this individual is as dumb as a box of hammers.

Allow me to quote:

Concerning Richard Goers’ letter, “God loves all” (Forum, Feb. 19), Sen. Chris Buttars’ opposition to Salt Lake City’s domestic partnership registry is not hateful toward homosexuals, nor does it indicate that he is out of tune with Mormon beliefs.
Yes, God loves everyone and has given us free agency, but he also counsels us to never condone or accept evil behavior. Homosexual acts degrade the individual, the family and society. Children are entitled to have both a father and mother. Salt Lake City should not support those who act on homosexual feelings by facilitating benefits for partners living together. Not having such benefits does not erode someone’s freedom to choose homosexuality.
Mormons do not hate homosexuals. We invite them to our Sunday meetings and pray that by showing them our love they will feel of God’s love for them and understand that living God’s laws of marriage will bring them lasting peace and happiness in this life and the next. Many Mormons oppose any government action that directly or indirectly supports homosexuality. We are not being bigoted and hateful – we are helping keep society’s morals on the track of prosperity and virtue.

Z. M.

Will someone not please provide me with a 3B header and our new slogan, “helping keep society’s morals on the track of prosperity and virtue, COBAGS!”?????

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