The sunset, stripped

Yeah, well, this is one of those go read it posts.

* it *

A tribute to Richard Pryor, but would be worth it just for the opening riff on the seventies.

What Watergate instilled in some of us when we were young and innocent were feelings of patriotism and pride, because we knew that every country must spend some time being ruled by criminals, but we had the honor of living in one where the bastards got turned out.

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  • Just when I was about to suggest someone start a “shorter shorebird” blog you come along and post a link and that’s all. And then I “read the whole thing” despite my tl;dr rule for the internets then I went and dug out my Is It Something I Said rekkid.

    I kinda smell some Obamaism in there somewhere, too, which is fine, as supposed to McCainiacrity, but I can’t distill it down to a few sentences.

  • There should have been a finger scrolling finger cramp warning on that one.

  • I want plover to do a sassy post… a light-hearted, whimsical, ploverian post. I’ve gotten to the point where I see plover in the bi-line and I start crying and I know to take a bathroom break first. I dare plover to make me laugh… yes, I said it. I want plover to make me laugh, to spit out my coffee, AND I’d like to be able to finish the post in the time it takes me to drink that coffee.

    Never going to happen, I know, but a girl can hope, a girl can wish…

  • I actually like the long posts because they remind me of how dumb I am. I could never do a post that long without repeating and contradicting myself.

  • Seriously, that was a chapter. I would dEN it for sure. Who paragraphs would paraphrase others. And then I would start describing my surroundings. Such as songs I like and foods that maybe grossed me out, all while writing the giant post. I would then post updates about other things while the giant post was gestating. i’d even allow people to comment on the other stuff. It would be an entire ecosystem flourishing while I was writing my giant post.

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