Material Left on the Table AGAIN

This time, Atrios slams the ball off the back of the rim.

Allow us to rephrase:


Get back, Jo-Jo!
It’s not Loretta.
Get hack to where you once belonged.

8 Responses to “Material Left on the Table AGAIN”

  • You will sit at the table until you are finished young man!!

  • This place has become boring. First I am being persecuted at the RepublicAbsolute Monarchy of Dogs, and now there is nothing here to help me waste time at work. Sheesh.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Mandos, if you were a good ombudsgoose, perhaps you could start a c0nt3st?

  • Technically, I’m the ombudsgoose to the ombudspants, who is MenD. There’s supposed to be an infinite regression of ombudscrittery.

    But fine, let’s see what’s in the contest bag…

    Ah, here’s one! Most absurd street signs! Judged by me. Whoever posts the most ridiculous street sign (link or image) on this thread gets a virtual kiss from UC. Well, he suggested a contest.

    No business or commercial signs, must be a public sign visible from a road or bike path or walking trail. Can be found on the internet. Work safe.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Not ridiculous, but the greatest road sign ever is this one.

  • Yeah, that one was awesome.

  • Pffft. I should have remembered to ban UC from the prize. But with entries like that, there’s not much chance he’ll have to kiss himself.

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