Prepare Yourself for the Preparationing

Pitchfork Cobaggery Watch is swinging into gear for 2008 year end cataclysm!

We can start with a little taste. Allow me to place this below the fold because the Lovecraftian hideousness will likely corrode your eyes, your mind, your mind’s eye etc. into unspeakable and silent screaming of unknowable ugliness and horror. From the 20 worst album covers of 2008:

Huh. I guess I was expecting something at least the tiniest bit visually offensive, or maybe worse than a bunch of Sherwin Williams paint color watches? Maybe P-fork doesn’t like certain colors being together. P-fork is anti-miscegenation?

You got us again. Every year we fall into your trap about talking about your list as is the ever unchanging nature of year end lists. We will punish ourselves by looking at this oh-so-horrible mild-mannered Starbuckian cover of completely pleasantly arranged colors and unobtrusive fonts.

The engine has been warmed. When UC comes back from the subcontinent we shall bring you your yearly PCW cheer. Save the date, folks.

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