Year in review

Dearest commenters, the time of year is upon us when we look back at the year that was, and what a year it’s been. As resident ombirdspersonmoose, I have requested and been granted authority to host our inaugural (and probably final) Commenter’s Year-end spectacular!

There will be prizes, maybe, so pay attention.

Over the past year, and indeed beforehand, this blog has been blessed with a cornucopia of commenters, a hemisemidemijohn of half-assery, an abundance of acrimony, and other alliterations too assuredly agonizing to articulate. This has, naturally, given rise to some first-rate entertainment, and we feel this deserves recognition. Your editors and my humble self have scoured the archives to to pick out the finest of this past year’s comments. To wit:

The “Most Honoured Sir or Madam” award for name most likely to get caught in the spam filters: recent new meteorological commenting phenomenon ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®©
Honourable mention: ??? [which I finally plugged into a translator after who knows how long-MenD]

Most entertaining non-troll trolling for purely humorous effect: Citrus Lover
Honourable mention: this entire thread

Dirtiest mind: Filthbot (determined after a three-way runoff. Ew) [heh-you said “three-way”-Filthbot]

Most likely to have their offspring be aware of all internet traditions: Kathleen

Most likely to finagle a club soda while carrying another man’s baby: ibid

Most deserving of more bourbon: Snag  [hee, i was going to add this, but it is the same as that-PP]

Best bailout offer: Pinko Punko

Most serious pants: plover

Most welcome return: teh l4m3
Honourable mention: Gregor Samsa/PupH

Conspicuously absent: Jexter
Unhonourable mention: Canadian Curling Association

Best use of Chuck Norris outside of a wood chipper: this thread (and not because I sort of had the idea-MenD)
(Inside of a wood chipper it’s too dark to see… wait, what were we talking about?)

Most divisive/expansive: Random Randroid

Most unnutricious, and delicious: Snackie, care of Jennifer

Best cooperative storytelling/troubleshooting effort: courtesy of Shai

Best use of ALL CAPS: annie angel

Most conspicuous trolling of the ombirdspersonmoose: Mandos

Most goatsesque posting: Captain Trollypants

Best invocation of pie: mdh

Least convincing plug: Chuckles
Honourable mention: Plaxico Burress

Best story about racist assheads: Swoof

Best music-related pun thread: here

Best food related concern op-ed-ing: here

Saddest rhyming punnery: here

More awesome puns: here, also here.
Most effective summoning of Professor of Dangeral Studies: here

Most productive antagonization of plover: fish

Best?? battle rapping on 3B: Emuvosis!
Honorable mentions: (tie) Jonah getting it, and comment thread here.



Best battle rapping attacking 3B: annieangel here at RoD.

Emu of the Year: John Aravosis, exhibits abc.
Honorable mention: entire primary weblogoverse, tangentially seriouspantsed here.

Unexpected Dune nerd smackdown, in character, in syntax: annieangel comment responding to Kathleen’s comment in this thread.

No one ever expects the spontaneous Yelp! off: Mandos.
Honorable mention: 3B vs. Kathleen.

Evidence of full ass, and/or IC3W3DG3: The Unannotated Liberal Style.

Best and Most Forgotten Secret Thread Still Active: Eschaton, bitches!

Best April Fools Day Joke: Gregor Samsa getting it from Three B!

The Giant Cosmic Letdown of the Eventually Pimped Take 5  (we miss Yosef).

Most Divisive Topic Amongst the 3B Family:  Bob Somerby

Best Removal of Seriouspants on a Dime: 3B Commentariat (thread from above, exactly here.)

[Added by the editorial staff]
Most biologically indeterminate vertebrate: Mendacious D (Ombirdspersonmoose)
[Really, it was the editorial staff. Also all inconsistent formatting is completely my fault. Half-assing would demand no more/less-MenD]

I think you’ll agree: it was a particularly fine year. Here’s looking forward to the next year being even more full of meta-recursion, cobagitation, and awful, awful puns.  We only have one wish for the new year that you keep sending us your Celeb Dream Cameos even if we are slow (half-assed) to post (sorry Chuckles, ZRM, Pinko).  Also, an occasional Song of the Day, maybe?  Even a Delish or Disgust? 

You really do make it worthwhile. Keep up the good work, munchloaves!


3Bulls! LLC, vowing never to go F-book velvet rope on you, even if we secretly wonder what a fish v. plover Scrabble would be like.

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