Chupacabra revealed?

There was indeed a Mandos/plover summit yesterday. It went well, except that he kept glancing nervously at a satsuma perched watchfully on the counter.

Update: There’s now a transcript below the fold since since the voices are so hard to understand.

A: Oh!
B: Grrr!
A: Who are you?
B: I am a grapefruit chupacabra. Grrr!
A: Ok. Well. Grrr, to you too then.
B: You do not seem very frightened of me.
A: Well, according to the Citrus Fashion Association, you don’t exist. Plus, you are a cuddly teddy bear dog thing. You don’t look anything like a mangy half-starved coyote.
B: When I am rabid, I appear more cute. It’s a curse.
B: Hey, you look a lot like me. Maybe you are a chupacabra also?
A: You’re not very good at playing up the “mythical” angle, are you?
B: Oo. Grrr.

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