Erring of Grievances

It has come to our attention that the void created by the semi-retirement of the ombudspersonmoose has yet not been filled, in spite of two valiant attempts.

It falls upon the shoulders of this ombudspersonpantaloons to take up the burden.

It must be noted that when Pinko Punko initially broadcast the need for an interim ombudspersonpantaloons, he specifically mentioned a complaint:

In other news, sucks it. Take it to the ombuds, lady, that’s what it’s for.

A reasonable person/moose/bird/fish/pants might argue Adorable Girlfriend‘s point…are there not thousands of 3Bulls! blogposts? Q.E.D., and such as.

Furthermore, it must be noted that we are taking a strict constructionalist view of the terms comment(s) and reader(s). Is AG actually a reader of this blog? Should comments mean comments on this post, this blog, or even perhaps something your mom said after her sister and brother-in-law left the house?

After all, the complaint in question comes from a comment over at the Fish Pond.

However, it is not our job to question user complaints. Our job is to render them senseless, or the other way.

Post all your complaints about this blog, your life, or your in-laws below, and we will promptly solve them via sternly worded emails to the proprietors.

And if none of this floats your boat…

UPDATE I: Hellooo, Fish’s comment!

UPDATE 3.c: A certain zombie has written that his/her/its/damned creature’s car needs washing. While this might be considered a comment on the state of affairs at the ZRM household/cemetery/catacombs, or perhaps a request, we are considering the source.

It’s probably a complaint. As such, we are suggesting that ZRM take it up with the Ombudsglooob, as this entity is best positioned to provide the appropriate remedy.

UPDATE 8): It appears our suggestion with regards to ZRM and the Ombudsglooob has gone awry. Far be it for us to suggest that threatening the common taters is different from addressing their concerns.

But we feel that an ombudsperson/moose/bird/fish/pants ethics panel must be convened at this point. For the sake of the children.

28 Responses to “Erring of Grievances”

  • This is infringing on my pants. NY law firm shall be contacting the proprietors of this blog.

    I would say that I shan’t be back, but you’d like that, wouldn’t you?

    I shall be making a complaint to ALL the Ombudswhatevers. It’s what they are there for, is what I am told.

    I hope your Citrus fashions attract fruit flies.

    May the CCA drop stones on your toes.

  • Whiner!

  • Okay, boys, surely we can resolve these differences peacably….

  • Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!

  • Ombudspotent is brave, brilliant, and wittier than Ombudsgloob will ever be. Take that, you bunch of immature, abusive sheep!

  • In an effort to promote piece, I would suggest one of the Omsbudset ak turn the other cheek, but that would require the presence of full ass.

  • Sockpuppetry! I demand this be denounced!

    Everyone knows that puppetry is theft.

    Free Lee Siegel!

  • Ombudspotent has turned this place into a digital lynch mob. And it isn’t anywhere near as funny as I am.

  • Sprezzatura can suck it.

  • I don’t know why the real Mr. Cohen doesn’t use that in his bylines.

    Richard Cohen: funnier than a lynch mob.

  • Whether or not one enjoys blogs and blogging, I don’t think that writing a blog that seems to consist primarily of complaints about blogging is likely to attract a large audience. Blogs are mostly read by people who like blogs — writing about the evils of blogging is probably a good op-ed subject.

    Like rather than wondering aloud “why more people don’t simply pick up the phone once in a while” why not pick up the phone once in a while and write a blog that’s dramatically better than all the phone-less blogs out there, thus proving the superiority of phone-based blogging?

    Or something like that…

    Can I make my own complaints to myself in the comments?

  • UPDATE I: Hellooo, Fish’s comment!

    fish can bite my crank.

    You know, I might not be cut out for this job.

    Where’s the glo0ob?

  • we will promptly solve them via sternly worded emails to the proprietors.

    I’d rather have Stoornly worded emails…

    Can we get Stoorn over here or is this venue to small for such a legend?

  • the people responsible for the sacking of the people who hired the tempombuds have been sacked

  • shit. I should’ve known Brando would’ve gotten there first.

  • Probably a complaint!?!?!

    I thought this was a fullservice blog. I’m not even asking for an oil change, just a wash.

    The Ombudsglooob has anti-zombie bias. Indeed, All of 3Bulls is ZombieBigot Central. Who is the contact at the COBA? I wish to complain that even with an Ombudsmultitude, proper addressing of zombie concerns is lacking.

  • While I feel for the zombie, having experienced prejudice and all, I will also note that this blog is 3Bulls, not 3Zombeeeeze.

  • Good Citrus, a CLEAR THREAT!

    Fetch the shotguns, chainsaws, and lawnmowers!!

  • How much prejudice can Sir Jen have experienced, when backed up by a full arsenal of Snacktators?

    Certainly not as much as the undead, as amply illustrated by the video posted above. That was very hurtful; have you ever had your head punted across the floor?

    COME ON.

  • I clicked on Ombudsglooob’s link.

    Clearly, someone/thing/ombudsblob is not thinking of the children!

    Anyways, I ran across this comment:

    thenthelightningwill (44 seconds ago)

    The anti-zombie bias in this video is appalling.

    I? shan’t be back.

  • Nice to see the Meteorological-American community stands squarely behind the Undead.

  • How much prejudice can Sir Jen have experienced

    I believe male zahmbeeeze still make more in the marketplace than I do even if I bring more to the table. This has also been experienced on a firsthand basis… in real life! Oh wait, can I say real life to a zahmbee?

    Also… a small aside, Sir Jen gets better service if talking to a service person over the phone because said service person does indeed think Sir Jen is a sir…

  • I agree, The Zombie is out of line. One more time and the 3Bulls BanHammer will be unlimbered.


    Please note update above. Hanx, Ombudspersonpantaloons

  • Ombudsmanship Is Theft.

    There. Someone had to say it.

  • shit. I should’ve known Brando would’ve gotten there first.

    That’s what my wife says every Saturday night!

    Thank you. I’ll be here all week.

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