They’re not even trying to hide it any more…

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Belly of the Beast

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  • It’s all in your head, Gregor.

    The Cannoli Curls Association is here to help you.

  • Is the CCA aligning themselves with the Gay Klan????????

  • I knew it! They have banned the letter P in preparation for the Games!

  • Or rather, that should be “rearation” or “*re*aration.” The CCA is still deciding on whether we should acknowledge the former existence of the letter in question.

    In other news, I am back from Singapore, the nation of Official Kindness. Notice the mascot: if you are unkind, presumably you will be fed to Singa, the official Kindness Lion.

    I also met John Holbo there, and shared *two* meals with him. For those who don’t know who he is, he is the husband of Belle Waring. And if you don’t know who Belle Waring is, well, she is the original disseminator (and along with John and their daughter Zoë, inventor) of the “and a pony” meme. Google if you don’t believe me (their blog should be at the top). Unfortunately, John likewise did not know of the existence of Three Bulls. As he is a philosophy prof, this must mean something.

  • They’re going to have the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man destroy the Olympics!?!?! The inhuman deviltry!

  • They are breeding super Canucks who curl so fast the rock CATCHES FIRE. ON ICE!

  • so the CCA is the modern incarnation of the Knights Templar?

  • I love those guys, but they are dead to me now. Why does the CCA insist on memory and behavior modification of those kind individuals who are denied knowledge of our half-assed existence? Sad.

    Also, Canadian Klan Tron seems a wee bit “Atlas Curls.”

  • Sorry but John Holbo introduced me to BBQ stingray, which was delicious, and then spent the rest of my next visit sad that he had fed me inferior stingray, which makes me wonder what delight the *good* stingray must have been, because I thought the stingray he fed me was really good.

    And then he introduced me to Peranakan cuisine.

    And what have you done? A fried Mexican sandwich. Admittedly, fried goes a long way, but still, you know…

  • Not fair!

  • I am merely motivating you to new heights the next time I visit CA. Of course, the next time I visit CA (possibly next summer depending on conference paper acceptances, vacation schedule), this blog may be well into daddyblog territory.

  • Atlas curls my balls!

    but no – that red thing is obviously the holy grail, the stick is the spear of destiny, and the stay-puft snowman is so glaringly jesus christ himself, the maple leaf with the P is stating that the prophecy is wrong and they are going to resurrect His Holines sin vancouver in 2010. don’t you guys know ANYTHING?!?!?!?

  • so they’ve added window washing as an Olympic sport, is what Canada is trying to tell us.

  • Curling, for God’s sake!

    What about the children????!

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