We are aware that we are still lagging in our duties since our return. Our illustrious replacement has done such a good job that we worry about not being quite up to the challenge of playing the role of ombudsthing for the greater exaltation of our commenters.

To wit:

1. The goading of our own Random Randroid
by noted agent velour et provocateur Pinko Punko, which inspired ITTDGY to a rather apropos pun.

2. To our absentee colleagues
who have suddenly, and perhaps sullenly returned to the fold: more, please. The readership must know what PupH will consume next!

Actually, I think I see an answer to Pinko’s original question…

3. The Gnü Left’s dialectical diffusion
at the Eschaton, as wielded by Thers of Whiskey Fire. Also, one of my occasional hobbies is to remind Pinko et al of the highly democratic straw poll which appointed this very blog as The New Left™ following the sad departure of Norbizness from the blogosphere. This is your yearly reminder.

4. Action Item!
The fine writers at Shakespeare’s Sister have ranked “the top six (verifiable) monsters in order of righteousness.” And the humble Chupacabra is ranked only fourth! Fourth! What nonsense. Clearly the terror that is the Grapefruit Chupacabra must be made known!

We also note the lack of zombies on the list, which pleases us, and perhaps some others.

Any other business?

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