Everything old is new again

Including lack of updating!

We post, both out of spite and pity, and also to draw your attention to the always-welcome resurrection of several old threads by spammers, lurkers, and the occasional real commenter. To wit:

1. The “Consumerist sent their readers to the wrong page” update is now awash in Italian.
2. The Twitter post. A valid question raised by a sudden reader: should the blog tweet? Would it be any more substantive? Would it count as updating to 3Bulls!? More importantly, why has Citrus Lover protected his/her/its/citruline entity’s tweets?
3. More recently, the obligatory “slamming Emuvosis and devolving into puns” thread, which is our latest update from a respectable ten days past. What, no Capy Berra?
4. This. My esteemed colleague notes:

Mendacious D: Good Morning, H8ers!
Class: Good Morning, Teacher!

We would dispute this, but would lose. “Free falling” is a song I love to despise, and ironically (or perhaps not!) it is this awfulness that makes the mashup good. We can only add:

Any other business?

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