I think

Kathleen knows that we are somewhat of Twitter nemeses- that is I read her Twizzbits and desired to comment upon them instantly in some sort of thread where we make funny jokes and what not, but I can’t because that world is off limits to me and my mere public use of the internet. I am also against the simplest of internet comments such as “LOL” or “FAIL” or the very played out “EPIC FAIL” but I leave it to the readers and ombuds here to decide the most appropriate comment for Ms. K RE:

RT @mcsweeneysbooks: A Response By An Aspiring Screenwriter Whose Screenplay Was Turned Down Because It’s Exactly Like Robocop: http://b

about 6 hours ago from web


Let us all use our powers- perhaps even The Secret- such that we may load the aforementioned page, http://b- so simple in its elegant address.

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