Sometimes the Local Version of the National Show

is more depressing because of the utter banality. Big Texas Cloverhill Honeybun’s own Sarah Palin.

Deets if you don’t want to read in the weeds (although I think you should):

Exhibit A:

When asked by The Eagle about her husband’s role, **** ******** said she couldn’t comment because the reporter had discussed it with other members of the council. She said that speaking to the entire council separately about a single issue is illegal.

“Technically that is a walking quorum,” she said.

White, the First Amendment lawyer, said that a walking quorum is when council members speak separately about how they plan to vote on an issue so that they don’t have to discuss it publicly at an open meeting. He said that talking to a newspaper reporter is allowed and part of the “American system.”

“That is just crazy,” he said, of **** ********’s explanation.

Yes, I am afraid of the Google search by these chumps and the Cronon treatment.

Your antidote is below. While it may make you cry, it will be because you have a heart.

Tsunami Dog Rescued At Sea [BBC Video]

17 Responses to “Sometimes the Local Version of the National Show”

  • if only we knew what JIMJAM thought

  • I confess an addiction to House Hunters International.

  • Oooh are the Brits looking for a condo IN CYPRUS!!!!!!!!

  • Also: Brando with Words of Wisdom:

    Chuck Todd’s comment was so out of touch and self-serving I thought John Aravosis wrote it for him.

  • Technically, Kathleen’s post is on topic, because it is about a show that would be local to the international arena.

    Technically, JIMJAM would prefer a TATER quorum to a walking quorum.

  • I scanned, but really just wanted to go straight to another viewing of the tsunami pooch story.

  • And, the words of wisdom when I was reading??

    yanno, I don’t think I ever knew that she was saying “sugar walls”.

    In fact, I now realize that I really really did not understand this song in the 80s. wow. just, wow.


    I knew what she was talking about in the 80’s, but always thought, sugar’s kind of scratchy. Wouldn’t that be kind of like sandpaper walls?? Hmmm? And, since it’s Sheena, we know it’s white sugar walls. That rare, rare white sugar… but still scratchy.

  • nowadays, it would be HFCS walls.

  • LOL. Less abrasive than cane sugar…

    I bet beet sugar would work…

  • Words of Wisdom
    Big Texas Cinnamon Roll appeared in my vending machine shortly after Kathleen mentioned it too. Her connections to the powerful vending machine lobby are starting to freak me out.


  • Words of Wisdom

    I think it’s lacking AG’s despoiling of some Hobbits’s virtue.

    When the mistress of the cobag hunt has subdued her prey and brought them, draped over the ceremonial rhinopotamous, to the sacred Take 5 volcano for sacrifice, the Hobbits who keep the shrine there often “frolic” with the hunting party. Sometimes rather a lot. (They’re fairly creative really. Life on the volcano is pretty isolated, and between ceremonial hunting parties about the only excitement is the odd pyroclastic flow of Take 5 tephra.)

    Didn’t you read Volume XVI of my posthumous notes?

  • We could go all day.

    “Re 2050: If you had a 15 stone German stamp on your foot you’d be blubbing like you were when you exited the womb.”

    Oh internet

  • We could go all day.


  • Listen, I would give K MASSIVE props for doing it a la speaker phone, but I suspect she’s not that brazen. All the documents she had shredded on behalf of secretive and intriguing ne’erdowells likely blunted the noisome and noisy flowage.

    OK, I’m grossing myself out, I admit it!
    Pinko Punko

    Oh dear…

    Poor K trusted us with her secret and we have only used it against her for our own shits and giggles… or should I say pees and giggles…

  • I bet beet sugar would work…

    Is that what kids are calling it these days?

  • Sometimes the Local Version of the National Show

    I feel like 3Bulls is sending me coded messages to go to the National/ Pains Of Being Pure At Heart show.

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