Groundhog ground hog

Yesterday didn’t happen I guess. I lost all the new quotes, comments and whatever happened yesterday. It took me several hours to rescue categories and other stuff because the uploadable backup was only partial. The previous full backup was too big (to fail??? Sadly, No) and too corrupt (Sadly, Yes). I am barely hanging on here. Please let me know if there are any other issues. Hope to have other blogs up on the weekend. Le sigh.

Lettuce enjoy.

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  • Can I haz comment?

  • Yesterday didn’t happen I guess.

    Does this mean the header contest is over??


  • This is an example of Pinko not helping bg.

  • We heard this blog was in trouble so we wrote this song to tell you that you are not alone, Pinko. It’s from our new album called Transcendental Thesaurus and it’s called, “Automated Mass Production of Marketing.”

    Three Bulls is on the lamb
    From the tyrranny of Internet spam
    The autobots of promotion
    are causing a cataclysmic commotion

    Our Google results have lost their cache
    in the passive aggressive marketing fray
    Can we believe it? We answer “No Way”
    But these muffins of chunder are baked every day

    Automated mass production of marketing
    have made our virtual reality more starkening
    Like Chocolate Skittles dissolving on our tongues
    they burn a hole in the souls of everyone
    The future looks forboding, alas
    filling Three Bulls with toxic levels of ass

    Pinko Punko remains unsure
    of engineering an effective cure
    from all these comments malicious
    that are disgusting, not delicious

    Though the spam bots make more sense
    than the typical Three Bulls blog comments
    To us that is a capital offense
    Bring back our carefully crafted nonsense

    CHORUS x2

    Ooooh,ahhh, oohhh, ahhh


  • Clearly a fake, lyrics are too good. Not enough references to “maelstroms” or a “sartory.”

  • So what is the deal, is the Empire the only blog in the bloggerhood that is operational?

    Cuz that is funny, that is. “Operational”

    Nice to see Greg Graffin standing in solidarity, though. He even came up with a non-AC/DC style repeated-title chorus! Thankx, Greg!

    Now if we can get Neil Peart to do a high-school style simile based on the writings of Edgar Rice Burroughs….

  • As long as my header is up there all is right with the world.

  • I love the comment box! It disappears all text!

  • Who is this buddha guy? I don’t think he has much wisdom to impart.

  • So what is the deal, is the Empire the only blog in the bloggerhood that is operational?

    Hold it right there, zrm!

    We are holding regularly scheduled operations, also.

  • Ha, I just got a MattY one. I also heard that Breitbart’s goons are taking him out at Amazon. I can only support that as a form of personal entertainment for which I will punish myself.

  • I must say, comparing MattY to Vogon poetry is a reasonable critique.

  • I don’t know how I ever comment on this blog!!!!

    The evolution of MattY’s empathy gland is described thusly:

    Billions of years ago, when the Vogons first crawled out of the primeval seas of Vogsphere, laid panting and heaving on the planet’s virgin shores… when the first rays of the young Vogsol sun had shone across them… it seemed as if the forces of evolution had simply given up on them then and there, turned aside in disgust and written them off as an ugly mistake. They would never evolve again. The fact that they did is a testament to the thick-willed stubbornness of these creatures. Evolution? they said to themselves. Who needs it? What nature refused to do for them they simply did without until they were able to correct the gross anatomical inconveniences with surgery.

  • I also meant to say that sometimes I love Brando more equally than others for that kind of stuff. But it took me a half an hour to write this comment because I got page not found for the blog when I tried to login, and then I deleted something and it let me login to the dashboard but then 404’d the blog. The B-side to that Bad Religion song is “The burning fire of hell all around/flames of fire for all I can see/ etc”

  • what you don’t realize, Pinko, is that most of my comments are quite subtle versions of Mekons-style songs.


  • Happiness is a shadow of harmony; it follows harmony. There is no other way to be happy.

    from the words of wisdom. let’s just say amen!

  • Just checking to see if I can post.
    Math is hard.

  • PINKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we need a PP appreciation day.

  • Wasn’t that covered by the Ahemmorage?


  • Did you know that zombies was their hands?


  • Pinko, I know you have your hands full with repairing the spam-asshole damage, but once you get a handle on things again, I would be happy to throw some content into SOTD, if you want to give me the keys.

    I won’t promise not to include Rush, Bad Religion, or the Mekons. I won’t roll with censorship, zombies just won’t.

  • I will, however, wash my hands, regardless of what that squirrel-loving pervert says.

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