Radio Report

A) I am a big Donald Glover fan, so I am sorry to say when I heard a song on the radio that sounded like Linkin Park rap over a Justice beat dressing up Drake lyrics, I was sad to find out that it was Childish Gambino (DG’s rap moniker).

B) Kanye West’s verses get worse and worse but the beats are better and better. See “Mercy” and “No Church in the Wild”.

C) The oldies station that has only been on a year- a super cheapie with pre-recorded DJs- but still had lots of 60s Neil Diamond AND The Standells AND about 15 Beach Boys songs AND Sonny and Cher AND The Supremes AND some very random songs AND a bunch of Stevie Wonder AND a pretty deep library is doing that thing where they are changing formats. Their format change appears to coincide with the “classic rock” station disappearing from the airwaves, and now Oldies means 70s and 80s crapola. I has a sad. BLARG.

Please give our Ombuds some attention, they really do love nothing more. If you were to create a parody of Matt Yglesias, would you bother to change anything about him or just make him more concentrated?

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