Cruz, by Florida-Georgia Line

I know it would be juvenile, but back in the day we would have had a caption contest with CSPAN screen shots of one Ted “Rage Salamander” Cruz.

Sorry I have not updated you constantly on Matthew Y. being a cobag- that is pretty much a daily situation.

I can’t believe we are so far flung that we cannot do choco skittles shooters and raise a little heckwagon.

Question: Guess who I thought about when this graduate student Johnny Science started chatting with me the other day and the only thing I could think was “this dude is high as a kite, hope he didn’t break any SCIENCE”?

Question: RE: weekly Cloverhill Big Texas radio report, whenever I hear an oldies song on the oldies station that plays songs that should NOT be considered OLDIES, whatsoever, and it is a song that I have never heard before I am slightly happy, because it is something old that is new. I usually ask _______ about it, who in turn asks _________, but Google solved it for me, and then when I looked it up, the song had been Number 1.

The song was this one: UPDATE RE: this song, fish probably knows the Klaus Nomi version.

Question: Where have all the nutpunches gone?

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