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I have been sort of disappointed with the internet for sometime, but nothing surprising. It is the idea that Twitter isolates and amplifies id, and does so in ways that are anti-ploverian, which is the ideal we have here at the mothership. I have been struggling with an idea about how someone can be simultaneously correct or have an important point, yet personal motivations or interests render those correct points as points being scored in some competition or “red meat” for a watching crowd. This is akin to the criticism that some discussions can have a disingenuous side in that part of the discussion is “performance” by one or other side. And, in a toilet bowl spiral, an allegation of “performance” will inevitably be used to rhetorically undermine the performer, and act as a side step for the issue at hand. Anyhow, I didn’t really know how to write whatever I was going to write without it being assumed I was taking some side in some internecine argument. I just read something that essentially captures everything I was going to say. It is worth a read. I don’t think what are described as “Social Justice Discourse Fallacies” are actually fallacies or linked to ideas of Social Justice, I think they are rhetorical landmines that relate to how people argue and the normal human desire to establish rhetorical advantage, be accepted by a group, and feel important as member of a team, and thus are universal.

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  • and thus are universal.

    Yup. All these dynamics were easily visible on old BBS boards. Discussing stuff through the screen fundamentally changes some arguing dynamics and amplifies others. The internet particularly amplifies the “win” driver because you can’t see the emotional effects it is having on the other person.

    Also too, security questions requiring math are microaggressions.

  • I thought this was more constructive that the alternate post where Capt. Trollypants was going to burn the world down by just hammering on everyone for every tiny or worse transgression.

  • It actually is true that the security question IS a micro aggression, but it simultaneously is true that you are just trying to lord over this blog. Pooping in your living space is also not very nice FISH

  • My security quesiont (what is 77 + 48) makes me feel safe.

  • The Trollypants approach does have the advantage of a NEW BATTLE RAP!!!

  • I just spent 10 min clicking through headers. Still so awesome.

  • We at the newly opened unbiased, nonpartisan research institute, the Ascorbate Center for Citrus-based Progress, would like to announce our endorsement in the 2016 Presidential election…Donald Trump! Our main reason: his popularization of orange coloured and presumably grapefruit-based skin care products! Thank you, Donald Trump, for your support. We have great hope that during the Trump Presidency, many more Americans would follow his example as leader of our nation and also wear grapefruit-based products.


  • And where does Grapefruit stand when it comes to Big Pharma?? El has noticed Grapefruit alienates hundreds of thousands by messing with their prescriptions. Are you crazy? Or crazy like a fox?

  • I wonder if these medicines keep those patients safe from MYSTERIOUS deaths where they GET FRICKING EATEN

  • Is this delicious, or disgusting?

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